Zoom or Remote Video Interpretation Services

remote video interpretation services With the rise in remote work, using Zoom and other varieties of teleconference services is quickly becoming much more common. Because meeting with people all over the world is a growing standard, having professional and easy-to-use interpretation services will become necessary for many industries.

At Telelanguage, we understand the importance of accurate interpretation services from interpreters who have specific knowledge regarding your unique industry. The use of an interpreter during Zoom calls and meetings will help you and your business provide effortless interaction by enabling comprehension for those who have limited language capabilities. Regardless of the languages spoken and whether your contacts are hard of hearing or deaf, we can provide interpretation services that will improve your ability to connect with clients, vendors, and coworkers alike.

The Telelanguage Advantage

At Telelanguage, we offer over 350 languages from Acholi to Zulu. We’ve been working to provide excellent interpretation services since 1991. In that time, we have become a global leader and innovator in the industry. It is important to note that interpretation isn’t simply translating one word into a corresponding term in another language. Interpretation should be done with a thoughtful approach, accurately delivering meaning as well as an explanation of cultural contexts and colloquialisms across different languages—and with Telelanguage, that’s a guarantee.

Telelanguage Zoom interpreters are available 365 days a year and will work on your schedule—even outside regular business hours. We offer the quickest connection speeds in the industry. As a result, we can get you set up with an interpreter within a few seconds, so your Zoom meeting can go smoothly. With our vast selection of languages and more than 8,000 certified interpreters, Telelanguage provides a clear advantage for your remote meeting needs.

Industries We Support With Zoom Interpretation

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We provide our Zoom language interpretation services for a wide range of industries including:


From local and state governments to organizations at the federal level, effective communication within and across government offices is crucial.


As our community becomes wider-reaching and more global, providing healthcare interpretation services so people can communicate with healthcare providers in their primary languages is vital. Organizations that can benefit include hospitals, clinics, emergency medicine, private practices, and more.

911 Emergency Services

Developing understanding and establishing communication in the event of an emergency helps concerns to be addressed swiftly and precisely. We understand that seconds count and support hundreds of 911 and PSAP clients in the U.S.

Social Services

Establishing effective and compassionate video and voice interpretation during a potential time of crisis alleviates many additional stressors.

Legal/Judicial Offices

During critical circumstances where understanding is key, Zoom video interpretation services can help ensure both individuals and legal professionals can communicate effectively – ensuring fair access to services.


Whether you need Zoom interpretation for K-12 or higher education, ensuring students understand what they’re learning is fundamental. We also support parent teacher conferences, open houses, counseling and more.

Financial Services

As more cultures meet in the global community, providing valuable communication for financial services is essential.

Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality

Travel is one of the most obvious uses for interpretation services, and Zoom interpretation can prove highly useful for communicating across language barriers.


The transportation industry helps to connect different areas and communities. Thus, effective communication is of the utmost importance. Access to these services is vital in many communities.


The unique challenges of the insurance industry require unique solutions for language interpretation.


Providing excellent customer service begins with effective communication and utilizing Zoom interpretation for help desks and call centers can give you a true advantage.


With a growing population of non-native English speakers, interpretation services can bring understanding for both clients and utility service companies.


Whether you are scheduling more frequent remote meetings or simply desire better communications with stakeholders and clients, interpretation services can help businesses across all sectors.

Providing interpretation services to each of these industries helps not only the businesses themselves but also their clientele. As remote access to these different industries continues to increase, Zoom interpretation services can strengthen communications, improve customer service, and help you ensure your business is running efficiently and effectively no matter the languages you speak.

Remote Video Zoom Interpretation FAQs

zoom interpretation services FAQsHow Does Zoom Language Interpretation Work for Hosts?

When you schedule a Zoom meeting, you may already have knowledge that its participants speak different languages. Alternatively, once you begin your remote or Zoom meeting, you may discover that there is a language barrier. Telelanguage can help you navigate both situations with ease.

Simply connect to a Telelanguage zoom interpreter and seamlessly add them to your Zoom meeting to receive interpreting services within seconds. The certified interpreter joins in your Zoom meeting and can provide both simultaneous interpreting and closed captioning. The best part is that you don’t need any additional hardware—our interpretation services can be applied to any active Zoom meeting.

How Does Zoom Simultaneous Interpretation Work for Participants?

The meeting host must first enable the option for simultaneous interpretation. They’ll have to add a Telelanguage interpreter as the official interpreter in the Zoom meeting itself. While the presenter is speaking, the Telelanguage interpreter will then provide simultaneous interpretation so all participants can understand. Participants can choose to mute the channel with the original language or listen to both. Simultaneous interpretation works well when the original language is left at roughly 20% volume while interpretation is at about 80% volume.

What Is Simultaneous Interpreting?

Simultaneous interpretation occurs when the interpreter translates speech to a target language in real time. Unlike consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting happens while the speaker is currently speaking. The major benefits of simultaneous interpretation are that the original speaker isn’t interrupted while speaking—and because of this, simultaneous interpretation takes half as much time as consecutive interpretation.

Rather than waiting for the speaker to pause to interpret what they’ve said, simultaneous interpreting provides a more natural flow of speech. As a result, understanding the interpretation is easier for the listeners. Interpretation participants don’t need to wait in to understand the words being relayed and can gather meaning in real time.

Does Zoom Allow for Closed Captioning?

Zoom allows for closed captioning services in tandem with Telelanguage. The Telelanguage interpreter can be integrated into the meeting, and they can provide closed captioning services in real time. As with simultaneous interpretation, the meeting host will have to enable the feature and then integrate the Telelanguage interpreter before the interpreter can provide a written interpretation of the spoken language.

Are Zoom Interpretation Services Effective?

Video Remote Interpreting, or VRI, is the fastest-growing language service in the nation. Zoom interpretation is an extremely effective form of communication, and provides 6 key benefits:

  1. Interpreters are easy to add to any kind of video conferencing platform, including Zoom.
  2. You and your clients will gain visual support and achieve improved accuracy when you can see and hear one another.
  3. You don’t need any extra hardware. Telelanguage services can be accessed via laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  4. Video interpreting solutions are in-demand services for not only spoken languages, but also American Sign Language.
  5. Telelanguage services are cost-effective and highly competitive.
  6. With face-to-face contact, more accurate interpretations and better connections are formed, allowing you to build a better relationship with your meeting participants.

Can I Use Telelanguage Video Remote Interpreting at Any Time?

Yes. Telelanguage services are ideal for meetings that occur across time zones and language barriers. While encountering a language barrier at a late hour may begin as a somewhat stressful situation, there’s no need to worry. Telelanguage’s average connection times are as low as 15 to 25 seconds.

Because our services are available 24/7/365, you’ll have access to an interpreter at any time, even during those late-night or early morning meetings with clients and associates around the globe. Best of all, since our call center has already developed a profile listing the languages you frequently need interpreted, we can get you connected to an interpreter even more quickly.

Expert Interpretation Services From Telelanguage

Video interpretation for business professionalsTelelanguage’s zoom interpreters are certified, professional interpreters who have developed in-depth knowledge of your industry, its jargon, and your unique needs. We know that language barriers can occur at any time in this era of remote, global access. That’s why we offer on-demand Zoom simultaneous interpretation services, so you can quickly add a skilled interpreter to your most critical meetings.

With over 30 years of professional interpretation and a reputation for excellent customer service, we are proud to provide nuanced, accurate interpretations for a wide range of industries. With the support of a Telelanguage interpreter, your remote meeting will feature the language resources necessary for everyone present to understand and participate with effective communication.

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