While over-the-phone interpretation offers a fast response when an urgent or unexpected language barrier comes up, our on-site interpretation service is a more appropriate solution for appointments planned in advance that may require the extra human interaction and visual contact of the interpreter and the Non-English Speaking client.

Reliable, In-Person Interpreters

Our network of medically trained and certified interpreters are available 24/7/365 covering 350+ languages. Our interpreters can be at your location in as little as 30 minutes from the time you make your initial request.

Do you offer healthcare services?

It is essential to communicate effectively in every medical situation with a non-English speaking client. That’s why it is so important to choose a company with a proven record of success and expertise in the medical interpretation industry. Telelanguage is that company!

Situations For On-Site Interpretation Services

On-Site Interpretation ServicesHere are just a few of the reasons businesses hire us for in-person interpretation:

• Lengthy appointments or interviews planned in advance
• Complex, time-consuming issues
• Multiple patient appointments scheduled close to each other
• Where the Limited English Speaker prefers to have the Interpreter on-site
• Where the Limited English Speaker feels uncomfortable using the telephone
• Where hand and body gestures are essential to get a message across

Our Interpreters Are All Certified

Telelanguage interpreters are professionally trained, highly qualified and certified, ensuring we can offer the best service possible. We have been developing and continuously modifying our interpreter training curriculum since 1991. We have involved leaders from healthcare the industry as well as many other industries to help us create the most comprehensive medical and community interpreter training and certification programs available.

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