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Document Translation Services:

Step 1:
Project Review and Acceptance

  • Project Manager (PM) assignment. – Main point of contact for all communication during the project. – PM will perform a review upon receipt of your translation request. – Requests may be made via email (preferred), fax and UPS/USPS.
  • PM will determine the scope of your project and may ask clarifying questions to gain insight into what your vision is.
  • A word count is performed and a final cost quote is created that details all aspects of the project which are to be conducted. – The project quote also establishes a timeline and deadline. – Rush and Emergency services are available.
  • Client helps to establish and agrees to project parameters.

Step 2:
Professional Translator Assignment

  • Upon client approval, the PM will choose a subject-matter expert translator that is aligned with the project’s scope. – Only Translators with Native Fluency in both Target Language and English will be used.

Step 3:
Translation Memory

  • PM will develop a profile for each client in our Translation Memory tool. – Allows PM to build a client specific glossary over time and various projects. – Reduces turn around time and keeps consistency despite using different Translators across various projects.

Step 4:
Final Project Review and Deliverables

  • PM will take a final review of the project sent by the Translator. – Great detail is placed in reviewing the project to ensure that it meets all expectations established during initial project scope consultation – and fulfills your vision.

Optional: Formatting/Desktop Publishing (DTP): Our translators work with MS Word and Excel. No additional charges will apply if the project scope remains within these two programs. If the scope of a project requires intensive desktop publishing; that will be conducted in-house by a Telelanguage staff Graphic Designer. Our Graphic Designer can work with PowerPoint, Adobe- Acrobat/Illustrator/InDesign/Captivate. The Telelanguage Graphic Designer and Translator work closely to ensure that any necessary corrections are implemented properly the first time, eliminating the need, in most cases, for a final proofreading.

Optional: Q/A Editing & Proofreading:

Should a client specify that their project need to incur a round of edits, the PM will send the native file to a Target Language Linguist who will then perform proofreading and send the file and their recommended edits back to the PM. The PM will then send the edited file to the original Translator who will incorporate the Linguists recommended edits.

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