Providing 6000+ Interpreters in Over 350 Languages!

Imagine seamlessly communicating with all of your clients, regardless of language, location, culture or ability.

That’s what Telelanguage offers our clients.

As a leading telephonic interpretation provider we offer effective, reliable, custom solutions to a wide range of industries. Our services include responsive customer support, performance improvement enhancements and superior rates.

We also provide incentives and assistance in switching from other providers to Telelanguage.

Telelanguage Translation Solutions:

Telephonic Interpretation

Telephone interpreting connects human interpreters via telephone to individuals who wish to speak to each other but do not share a common language.

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Video Remote Interpretation

Remote video interpreting uses transformational technology. Our video remote interpreting is available via tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

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Zoom/Remote Meeting Interpretation

We help clients by providing remote interpretation using the Zoom platform and other remote services for many different types of meetings utilizing a variety of languages.

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Document Translation Services

Our foreign language document translation services offer clients interpretation solutions in 350+ different languages.

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On-Site Interpretation

On-site interpreting means that the interpreter is with you on-site. The interpreter is there in person to interpret everything by the speaker in real time.

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Advanced Features

Telelanguage provides our clients with the leading-edge technology and professional services they need to offer the best language support. We offer flexible solutions, including:

  • Automated interpreter connect
  • Customized and language dependent rate plans
  • Full-time, dedicated customer support
  • Online and on-location training
  • Filter-based qualification interpreter connect
  • Detailed customized usage reports and client newsletters
  • Performance improvement consulting/service reviews
  • Responsive and helpful client services team
  • Online tracking system and account management

Why Organizations Are
Switching to Telelanguage:

Healthcare Organizations

Medically trained interpreters, HIPAA compliant services, lower cost

Public Utility, Police and 911

Quick interpreter connect to all languages, flexible rate

State and Federal Agencies

Confidentiality compliance, greater flexibility, responsive support

Call Centers and Help Desks

Lower cost, advanced features, improved services delivery

Insurance and Legal Services

Strict confidentiality compliance, interpreters trained in specific terminology

Education Interpretation

Approximately 4.8 million students in U.S. public schools have limited English language skills

For certified interpreting, translation services, and language training connect with Telelanguage today.