Portuguese Interpretation and Translation Services Portuguese is spoken throughout the world. Having access to professional Portuguese translation services means clearer communications with millions across the world and the web.

We provide services over the phone, video remote interpretation, zoom/virtual meeting interpreters, and in-person. Additionally, we offer document translation services for our clients looking to translate Portuguese content, corporate reports, handbooks, and much more.

Portuguese Is a Rapidly Growing Language

It has even been estimated that by the year 2100, around 500 million Portuguese speakers will span the globe. Knowing and understanding Portuguese will become increasingly more lucrative. For example, there are close financial ties between Brazil and some Asian nations, reflected in the rapid growth of Portuguese language programs in China.

Why Are Portuguese Interpretation Services Beneficial?

Across many different industries, high-quality interpretation services are necessary to communicate with clients and employees. This is true whether you are involved in healthcare, government, social services, or any industry.

Why Is Portuguese Interpretation and Translation Important for Healthcare?

The field of healthcare tremendously benefits from language interpretation and translation services. The ability to communicate accurately is essential. If doctors or patients struggle to convey themselves to one another, this can put human lives at risk. Of course, it’s unreasonable to expect every medical professional to learn Portuguese, as well as any other language their patients could speak – and that’s why language services are so valuable.

Whether you’re involved in pharmaceuticals, medical jurisprudence, psychiatry, or another healthcare field, we help professionals translate prescriptions, patient records, post-discharge information, pharmaceutical labels, clinical trial protocols, and more.

Telelanguage is even available to provide Portuguese interpretation in emergency medical situations – when quick and clear communication matters most.

Government Need for Portuguese Interpretation and Translation Services

Telelanguage provides interpretation and translation services for a variety of government agencies. Around one-fifth of our total client base is made up of government bodies, and we’re dedicated to providing meticulous Portuguese translation to each of these clients. Examples of government agencies that Telelanguage partners with are:

  • Law enforcement
  • Homeland and national security
  • Military
  • Emergency management

Those who work in the public sector understand the importance of positive international relations. With our Portuguese translation services, these agencies never have to wait for an in-person translator or whether that translator is the right person for the job. Our experienced and professional team of Portuguese interpreters is adept at managing various Portuguese dialects and ensuring your message is clearly communicated and that you understand the response.

Legal Translation of Portuguese Documents

Legal Translation of Portuguese DocumentsAny organization requiring legal translation must be sure the translation service they use goes beyond basic communication and conveys the complex ins and outs of the law. It’s a highly specialized field requiring unique sets of knowledge. To accurately translate legal documents, translators must be familiar with the linguistic conventions associated with legal cases and the law. If a translated legal document doesn’t retain the same meaning, it can lead to serious conflicts in the future.

Legal translation becomes even more complex when you consider that most countries have very different legal systems. In some instances, translators might be faced with legal concepts that don’t have a direct translation into another language. To ensure that Portuguese legal translations are made correctly, you can turn to professionals.

Portuguese and Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry is what unites quality, customer experience, and technology. However, modern telecommunication companies face many challenges, given the current state of the market. Telecommunication professionals need to focus on controlling costs, maintaining the correct infrastructure, monetizing new services, building a brand, prioritizing data, and more.

Other Industries That Can Benefit From Portuguese Translation Services

Aside from the examples we’ve listed above, there are many other industries that can benefit from hiring a professional Portuguese language service provider. Some examples of these industries are:

  • Social services (public or private sector)
  • Financial services
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Travel and hospitality
  • 911 emergency services
  • Manufacturing
  • Education interpretation

Improve Your Business with Portuguese Interpretation and Translation Services

Portuguese Interpretation and Translation Services We offer prompt, professional, and unparalleled Portuguese translation and interpretation services. We have experience working with companies within several industries including healthcare, education, law,, medical, and utilities. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your Portuguese Interpretation and Translation needs!

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