The Malay Language

Malay, also known locally as Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia, is an Austronesian language spoken by people who reside in the Malay peninsula, southern Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, central eastern Sumatra, the Riau islands, and parts of the coast of Borneo.

The Malay Language It is an officially spoken language of Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. It is also used as a working language, or unofficially spoken language, in East Timor and parts of Thailand. It is very similar to (and mutually intelligible with) Bahasa Indonesia, the official language of Indonesia, but differentiated in name for political reasons. The official standard for Malay, as agreed upon by Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, is the form spoken in the Riau Islands just south of Singapore, long considered the birthplace of the Malay language.

Interpreting and Translation Services for Malay

Are you looking for a professional who can help you interpret and translate Malay? We provide you with several options. Our VRI (video remote interpretation) services allow for remote yet efficient communication.

Using Zoom or other remote, video conferencing options, you’ll conference with our professionals who can attend to a range of needs. For example, you may need assistance in developing marketing materials or training manuals in Malay. Or, you may need assistance in communicating in real time with a Malay customer or employee.

So, whether your needs take the form of document translation and preparation or virtual interpretation and counseling, our team of Malay interpreters have the experience and command of the language to assist you.

Malay Language FAQs

Malay Language FAQs How many people speak Malay?

290 million people around the world (most living in Indonesia) speak Malay. Some refer to the language as “Indonesian.” Malay is the official language of several states.

Do they speak English in Malaysia?

It’s estimated that over half of Malaysia’s population speak English. However, it’s understood that English speakers tend to be in urban centers. And, less people speak English in rural territories.

How do you say hello in Malay?

Hello = Hai

It’s articulated in Malay in the same manner as English. Hai is appropriate in formal and informal situations.

What language is closest to Malay?

Malay is similar to other languages spoken throughout Sumatra, such as Minangkabau, Kerintji, and Rejang.

Is Malay the same as Malaysian?

“Malaysian” makes reference to the nation of Malaysia. So, a person could be Malaysian because that’s where they live. However, that person could have been born in England and have an Italian (ethnic) background.

“Malay” refers to Malay people, culture, and language. “Malayan” is rooted in colonial times. Therefore, “Malay” is the accepted term when referring to the Malay Peninsula and language spoken there.

How old is the Malay language?

Historians estimate that Proto-Malay was spoken in Borneo as early as 1000 BCE. Some believe it to be the root language of all current Malayan languages.

Translate and Interpret Malay with Telelanguage

Translate and Interpret Malay with Telelanguage

You’ve got options when it comes to translating and interpreting Malay. Allow our experienced staff to translate documents, interpret messages, and help you overcome barriers of communication to open additional doors of business.

Flexible Solutions:

  • Automated interpreter connect
  • Customized and language dependent rate plans
  • Full-time customer support
  • Online training
  • Filter-based qualification interpreter connect
  • Detailed customized usage reports and client newsletters
  • Performance improvement consulting/service reviews
  • Responsive and helpful client services team
  • Online tracking system and account management

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