Kalasha is an Indo-European language in the Indo-Iranian branch, further classified as a Dardic language in the Chitral Group. However, this Dardic classification is questionable because it has been shown that only 53% of the commonly used words in Kalasha have cognates in Khowar language.
Kalasha is spoken by the Kalash People who reside in the remote valleys of Bumboret, Birir and Rumbur, which are west of Ayun, which is ten miles down the river from Chitral Town, high in the Hindu Kush mountains in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan. The Kalash have their own religion, with gods and goddesses. Most have been converted to Islam, but there are still about 3,000 believers in old religion. There are an estimated 6,000 speakers of Kalasha, of which 3,000 still follow the Kalash religion and the other 3,000 have converted to Islam.

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