The Chamorro Language

Chamorro or Chamoru, is the native language of the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam. AlthoughEnglish and Japanese are commonplace on both Guam and the Northern Marianas Islands, people still use the Chamorro language.

The Chamorro Language Chamorro is also used in the mainland United States by immigrants and some of their descendants. However, the numbers of Chamorro speakers have declined in recent years, and the younger generations are less likely to know the language. The influence of English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Japanese have caused the language to become endangered.

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Chamorro Language FAQs

Chamorro Language FAQsHow Many People Speak Chamorro?

It’s estimated that Chamorro is spoken by about 58,00.

Is Chamorro a Dying Language?

The Chamorros are thought to have migrated from what is now modern-day Indonesia and the Philippines. Disease and violence reduced the Chamorro population. Around 1820, the Chamorro were brought to Guam. By the end of the 20th century, Chamorro descendants within Guam had mixed backgrounds, with Spanish, Filipino, and other bloodlines.

Their language, the Chamorro language, is a distinct language with its own vocabulary and grammar. Chamorro is used in many homes throughout Guam, but English is the official language.

Do Chamorros speak Spanish?

People of Guam have a variety of backgrounds. And, Chamorro descendants share a variety of backgrounds, including Spanish and Filipino. Therefore, it would not be uncommon to meet a Chamorro descendant who speaks Spanish.

What countries speak Chamorro?

Chamorro is the official language in Northern Mariana Islands and Guam. It’s not officially recognized in other countries.

What race is Chamorro?

The Chamorros are primarily Austronesian, but many people have European (such as Spanish) ancestry. Native Guamanians, Chamorros, descend from Austronesian peoples, so sharing Spanish, Filipino, and Japanese would not be uncommon.

What is I love you in Chamorro?

“Hu guaiya hao” means “I love you”

How do you say hi in Chamorro?

“Hafa Adai” means “Hello”

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