The Cebuano Language

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Cebuano, also referred to by most of its speakers as Binisaya, is an Austronesian language spoken in the Philippines by about 18,000,000 people. Cebuano is a subgroup or member of Bisaya, Visayan and Binisaya.

Cebuano is also the main language in Western Leyte, in Ormoc and other locales near the city. Residents give the Cebuano language their own labels, such as “Ormocanon” in Ormoc and “Albuerahanon” in Albuera.

Some dialects of Cebuano vary in name. Speakers from Cebu are mainly called “Cebuano” but Cebuano speakers from Bohol are “Boholano/Bol-anon.” Cebuano speakers in Leyte identify their dialect as Kana (Leyte Cebuano or Leyteño). Speakers in Mindanao and Luzon refer to the language as Binisaya or Bisaya.

Interpreting and Translation Services for Cebuano

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Cebuano Language
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Imagine doctors, nurses, and emergency personnel needing to communicate with Cebuano patients. Interpreters ensure quality communication and clarity. Doctor-to-patient rapport is a part of providing quality healthcare, but doctors are trained in fields of medicine, not languages of the world.

The ability for professionals to provide accurate and concise explanations of services and responses to concerns dramatically increases the confidence and level of service. Those who utilize Cebuano translation and interpretation offer a faster, empathetic, and most effective service to clients who may otherwise feel nervous, unsure, and even afraid.

More FAQs About the Cebuano Language

How Many Speakers Are There in Cebuano?

As of 2020, 27.5 million people spoke Cebuano natively.

What Nationality is Cebuano?

Filipino. The Cebuano, or Binisaya, language is a Philippine Austronesian language, and is spoken by a group of people in the country.

Is Cebuano a Dialect or a Language?

Cebuano Visayan is the most widely spoken dialect of the Visayan, or Bisayan, language group. The Cebuano language is only referred to as such in the academic world and among non-Cebuano speakers.

What Race is Cebuano?

What race is Cebuano?

The Cebuano people are the largest subgroup of the larger group, Bisaya. Bisaya constitutes the largest Filipino ethnolinguistic group in the country.

How Do You Say “Hi” in Cebuano?

Hi, how are you? = Hi unsa nimo?

What Are Some of the Main Cultural Aspects of Filipino Culture?

It is said that a sense of national identity and pride emerged out of the struggles to fight for Philippine independence. However, Filipino people are most loyal to their family and place of birth. They also value fellowship, respect, acceptance and hospitality.

Telanguage for Cebuano Translation and Interpretation

Cebuano Translation and Interpretation

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