The Bosnian language is derived from Serbo-Croatian, spoken by the Bosniaks. It is one of three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Moreover, it is a minority language throughout Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Kosovo.

Bosnian is based on the most popular Serbo-Croatian dialect. Until the 1990s, the most common language was Serbo-Croatian, a term still used in English, especially in government.

The three major ethnic groups tend to speak their own respective languages. Bosnians speak Bosnian, Serbs speak Serbian and the Croats speak Croatian. Bosnian is categorized under the Indo-European language family. Bosnian follows both the Latin and Cyrillic writing scripts.

How Can I Communicate in Bosnian?

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You can seamlessly communicate with clients, employees, and business associates regardless of language and location. Use phone or video conference services to quickly find a Bosnian language interpreter.

Remote, expert Bosnian interpretation is available for government, law, the utility sectors, and more. Now, you can easily relay messages and important data to clients and employees with the help of experienced Bosnian translators.

All Bosnian translation services are performed by professional human translators, native Bosnian speakers. Lawyers, principals, government officials, emergency respondents, and others can quickly contact a Bosnian interpreter to help relay messages, seal business deals, and effectively respond in emergency situations.

Bosnian Interpretation and Translation at Work

Bosnian Interpretation and Translation at Work

We connect professionals with Bosnian patients, clients, and customers. We’re responsible for ensuring Bosnian patients understand healthcare procedures and doctor recommendations. We help law offices communicate with clients in circumstances that require immediate or ongoing translation. We help utilities and companies of other industries communicate messages in the preferred language of their clients.

Our ability to provide accurate and concise explanations of medical, law, business, and other concepts ensures accurate Bosnian translation for your clients and customers. We offer extensive experience in providing legal Bosnian translation and interpretation services. Linguistic and cultural expertise in translation and interpretation ensures fairness and transparency in the legal, medical, and business process.

Bosnian FAQs

How Do You Say Hello and Thank You in Bosnian?

Dobar dan (DOH-bahr dahn) or Zdravo (ZDRAH-voh) = Hello

Greet someone you don’t know with “dobar dan,” and say “zdravo” to those you do know.

How Do You Say Thank You in Bosnian?

Hvala (HVAH-lah) = Thank You

How Do You Say Yes and No in Bosnian?

Da (dah) and Ne (neh) = Yes and No

How Do You Say Please in Bosnian?

Molim (MOH-leem) = Please

How Do You Say Goodbye in Bosnian?

Dovidenja (doh-vee-JEH-nyah) or Cao (chaoo) = Goodbye

How Do You Ask If Someone Speaks English in Bosnian?

Govorite li engleski? (goh-VOH-ree-teh lee ehn-GLEHS-kee) = Do You Speak English?

Bosnian Translation Solutions

Quickly get in-touch with a Bosnian translation professional by phone who can help you translate and relay messages to a third party. Learn More

The interpretation process can be improved through the use of video. Therefore, you can just as easily connect with a Bosnian interpreter by video conference on a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Learn More

Help communicate with clients in Bosnian by using Zoom and other remote services for many different types of meetings and settings. Learn More

Foreign language document translation services offer clients interpretation solutions in 350+ different languages. Learn More

Effective Bosnian Interpretation and Translation Services

Bosnian Translation Solutions

Telelanguage has been providing customers with service since 1991. We provide interpretation and translation services to over 8,000 organizations throughout the United States – across all industries.

From on-site interpretation to document translation, telephonic interpretation to video remote interpretation, we can handle any language request. For certified Bosnian interpreting, translation services connect with Telelanguage.

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