Texas DIR Contract

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Texas DIR Statewide Contract for Language Services The Texas Department of Information Resources awarded Contract DIR-TSO-4157 to Telelanguage, Inc., for interpretation and translation services that improve an agency’s ability to overcome language barriers and promote greater efficiency when serving the public. Contact us to LEARN MORE. Telelanguage Services: Telephonic Interpretation On-Site Interpretation Video Remote Interpretation [...]

Social Services Interpreters: Mission Critical for Language Access

Social Services Interpreters are Language Access Mission Critical

Social services interpreters serve a vital purpose in the United States, as we are more culturally and linguistically diverse than ever before. Social services organizations routinely work with Limited-English Proficient (LEP) clients, and their use of qualified interpreters and translators is necessary when language barriers arise in order for providers and staff to communicate effectively. […]

New Website Launches for Telelanguage: a Global Leader in Language Service Solutions

Telelanguage language service new website

New Website Launches for Telelanguage, a Global Leader in Language Service Solutions As Seen on PR Underground.   “The new Telelanguage website is designed to be more than just a source of two-dimensional information.” As the competitive language service industry is rapidly evolving, Telelanguage sets itself apart by launching a new, user-friendly website. Telelanguage has […]

Getting Ahead: Interpretation Services Technology

Interpretation Services Technology

“Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable.” – Joseph Wood Krutch Ask people how they feel about technology and you may get varied answers. While the topic of technological advancement can be a charged issue for individuals, Telelanguage believes that for the world of interpretation services, technology is a way to […]