Language Services For The Utilities Industry

The Utility industry faces a number of challenges in today’s market. From cyberattacks to customer expectations, energy storage to smarter, greener energy, the Utility industry is constantly evolving. After remaining relatively unchanged for the past century, the grid is confronted by a series of new challenges that are forcing an evolution of business models, while changing user expectations and causing regulatory models to adapt. As an expert in exceeding customer expectations, Telelanguage is able to provide a solution to a niche challenge: interpretation and translation.

As the Utility industry faces these new challenges, the team at Telelanguage stands by to provide interpretation and translation services at the highest customer service levels, while balancing competitive pricing and cutting edge technology. In addition, our interpretation and translation services are hosted over a secure, proprietary platform that our clients can customize and access 24/7.

Our values are centered around customer service, professionalism, maintaining confidentiality, and retaining the best interpreters and translators through rigorous training and certification. By selecting Telelanguage, you will effectively mitigate all costs and technical performance risk with Interpretation and Translation Services performed at the highest industry standards, improve customer satisfaction, increase services utilization, improved customer-support, and maintain a community friendly image.

In addition to remaining compliant with all government, privacy and security regulations, Telelanguage is able to implement any new contract typically within 24 hours. There is virtually zero transition impact for a new client. If you’ve selected Telelanguage to provide your interpretation and translation services, we ensure that the implementation process with be as quick and seamless as possible. All training, both initial and ongoing, will be provided at no charge, in addition to any marketing or training collateral.

The simple definition of a public utility is to provide a public service. As a language service provider for over 25 years, Telelanguage knows first-hand how important delivering on a public service can be.

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