Language Services For The Travel & Hospitality Industry

The Travel and Hospitality industry is constantly having to balance excellent customer service, with the highest levels of quality. Challenges facing the Hospitality industry include sustainable development, operating issues and the increasing demand for faster, more user-friendly technology applications. As a language service provider, with over 25 years of experience in the Travel and Hospitality field, Telelanguage will work tirelessly to bring your services to a virtually endless queue of customers and consumers.

Travel and Hospitality are unique in that this industry is extremely customer-facing. Every day Travel and Hospitality move, house, comfort and connect people from every culture imaginable. The newest trends and topics surrounding hospitality research and development is the management of multicultural talent and the political landscape affecting the hospitality industry. With the development of globalization, multicultural issues are facing and disrupting the industry operators.Bringing the far corners of the world together is part and parcel of what the hospitality sector does. Blending amenities to cater for the needs of the world’s different cultures is central to success for large, international hospitality chains. Cultural issues have never before been such a crucial determinant of how a large hospitality should operate.

Telelanguage prides itself in only networking with interpreters and translators of the highest caliber. Our interpreters must pass rigorous certification and training courses, with a focus on cultural sensitivity. In addition, quality assurance is listed very high in our commitment to our Travel and Hospitality clients. Telelanguage expects our clients to have a high quality interpretation experience. Our interpreters act as a bridge between our clients and their limited English proficient (LEP) customer; therefore, client and customer can focus on the business at hand, rather than the interpretation experience. That is why we put so much industry research, thought, and effort into each detail of what we do and how we do it.

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