Language Services For The Telecommunications Industry

The Telecommunications Industry bridges the gap between the customer experience, quality and technology. Telecommunication providers face a number of challenges in today’s market such as building and maintaining the right infrastructure, controlling costs, building a brand, monetizing new services, and prioritizing data. It’s safe to say that Telecommunications impacts all of us on a daily basis. As the Telecommunication industry grows, the world appears to shrink. For this very reason, Telelanguage has been providing interpretation and translation services since 1991.

With over 4,000 interpreters specializing in over 300 languages, Telelanguage is able to support the Telecommunication industry’s capacity to grow and evolve in an ever competitive market. Our intersection of competitive pricing, forward-thinking technology, quality assurance and customer service create an ideal solution for all of your interpretation and translation requirements.

With all the new service rollouts happening and changes taking place, Telecommunication operators must be sure to control the costs of the current solutions so they can invest in what’s coming next. Developing scalable services now can help manage future costs, since operators will be able to react rapidly to market changes. Telelanguage is able to help you achieve these goals, while maintaining the bottom line.

In addition to cost, maintaining compliance and keeping data safe are also important to our Telecommunication clients. Telelanguage is constantly staying evaluating market trends, recertifying our interpreters and translators, promoting continued education, and emphasizing privacy, confidentiality and professionalism. All of our data is stored in a Tier III, professional grade data center, and quality assurance is of the highest priority. As a company, Telelanguage is consistently monitoring and evaluating our interpreters, translators, technology, billing and reporting practices.  We’re confident that our commitment to excellence will enhance your customer satisfaction, effectively mitigate all costs and technical performance risk with Interpretation and Translation Services, increase service utilization, improve customer-support, all while promoting a community friendly image.

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