Interpretation and Translation For Social Services

Social services, whether public or private sector, provide essential services aimed at promoting the welfare of others. This critical industry tends to have a higher rate of interpretation and translation needs, an industry Telelanguage has been providing services to for over 25 years.

Telelanguage provides services that combine meeting mission-critical agency needs with a high quality, best value approach.  With over 25 years of language services experience and a comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan to accurately track, monitor and control all-operations, we can effectively mitigate all cost and technical performance risk to the Social Services industry at the highest industry standards.

We understand that Social Services must always be “on.” Therefore, Telelanguage has Surge Management plans to handle any capacity of interpretation or translation needs. We are Federal Government compliant with FEMA, Homeland Security, natural disaster and border contingencies, as well as having military mobilization Business Continuity Plans in place to support the emergency needs of your residents. Telelanguage possesses the proven staff and capacity to support mass casualty and mass effect incidents that will not affect our ability to execute services to non-English speakers.  We possess the domestic security and medical surge capacity for emergency management services deployment of interpreters and translators consistent with Department of Homeland Security goals and initiatives.


In addition, we have the proven capacity and ability to evaluate and care for a markedly increased volume of patients with both on-site and telephonic Medical Certified interpreters in simultaneous multiple locations.  We’re able to accommodate unforeseen events that may challenge or exceed normal operating capacity. Telelanguage shall easily integrate into any customer work environment.  Surge requirements span the range of specialized medical and health services that are not normally available at the location where they are needed, such as pediatric care provided at non-pediatric facilities or burn care services at a non-burn centers.


Just as Social Services are aimed at providing services for the benefit of the community, Telelanguage’s primary goal is to support Social Services in the provided solutions.

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