Professional Translation and Interpretation Services for Government Agencies

Government Translation and Interpretation Services

Effective communication is an important focus for Government clients, whether Federal, State, County, Municipality or another government agency. Government translation services address exceptional challenges as the changes of government are often fast-moving and widespread. Each small shift creates a unique opportunity for Telelanguage to both interpret and translate each of these changes into language that’s accessible.

Currently, Telelanguage’s client base is made up of over 20% government bodies. These government entities may include (but are not limited to) military, law enforcement, emergency management, financial, energy, trade, homeland and national security, technical, business, legal, documents, software, and many more.

Each of these different sectors of government requires reliable, accurate translation and interpretation of sensitive materials for concise and consistent communication. Telelanguage is effective for website localization, internet and intranet, video subtitling, captioning and transcriptions for Title III monitoring, and more.

Telelanguage’s skills include written, electronic, and multimedia material translations, both to and from English and native Foreign Languages. Our abilities also include interpretation of oral communications between English and other languages offered.

Our interpretation skills include simultaneous, consecutive, escort, community, conference, seminar, litigation, training, and more. We offer a wide range of services to support the varied industries of government and their missions. Our services include collecting, interpreting, and translating mission statements, cultural consulting, performing data analysis, and many more.

We understand the importance of clear and effective communication, particularly for government entities. We provide services across the United States, with some of our most popular locations being in Colorado, California, Texas, and Washington D.C.

We recognize that a wide range of cultures and languages come in contact with government functions and strive to Interpret and Translate across over 350 languages, each with their unique cultural experiences. Some of our languages include (but are not limited to): Afrikaans, Bosnian, Chiu-Chow, British English, French, Hmong, Zulu, and Moldovan, among many more.

As the amount of non-native English-speaking people increase in the United States, government translation services become more vital to society. Since 1991, Telelanguage has been providing translation and interpretation services to the U.S. Government in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our skilled professional translators work to remedy the most common miscommunication faults in the government sector, which include lack of time and resources, higher costs and wasted revenue, destructive impacts of agency’s reputation, lowered productivity and proficiency, reduced involvement of Limited English Populations (LEP) in public services and more.

Telelanguage strives to end these struggles and promote the mission of the agency. We apply wide-ranging programs, which include written translation and interpretation services with the following effects:

Lack of Time and Resources

Mistakes made affect both time and resources and are a drain on both. Interpretation and Translation Services cut back on lost time and cost.

Legislation Compliance

With skilled and accurate translation services, Telelanguage ensures compliance with the Affordable Care Act Section 1557, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, FEMA, Fraud Waste and Abuse Act, Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act 1996, Homeland Security, The Joint Commission, Natural Disaster and Border Contingencies, and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Efficient Function of Public Services

When interpretations and translations are accurate and concise, functions of public services will be more efficient and flourish and be more able to provide for the community.

Public Safety and Disaster Preparedness

We can all imagine a scenario where a tornado whips through a town or a historic snowstorm causes disastrous damage and loss of resources. Telelanguage provides skilled translation services to aid in the positive response to requests and directions during times of disaster and public danger.

LEP Satisfaction

Limited English Populations shouldn’t be neglected. With translation and interpretation through Telelanguage, you’ll get the culturally sensitive and up-to-date translation services you need to increase this community’s satisfaction. You’ll also help connect them to the wider community and open the door to opportunities not previously available to them.

Government Language Services We Offer

Government Language Services We Offer

We offer proficient English/Target language translation while also maintaining extraordinary attention to detail and language understanding for the most effective forms of communication. Telelanguage’s professional human translation services are completed within requested timeframes, depending on project size, subject, and formatting needs. Telelanguage can translate documents to and from over 350 target languages.

Telephonic Interpretation

Human interpreters are connected via telephone to entities who don’t share a common language but need to communicate with each other. Our interpreters use a more customer-oriented approach and respond to clients’ needs quickly and efficiently.

Video Remote Interpretation

Video Remote Interpretation uses advanced technology and can be accessed via devices that have a webcam or camera, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. This is accomplished through an offsite interpreter who communicates with clients with shared language barriers. Video remote interpretation is the fastest-growing language interpretation in the United States.

Zoom/Remote Meeting Interpretation

With the greater necessity of remote interpretation, Telelanguage provides help to clients by interpreting with Zoom and other remote platforms in a variety of languages and meeting types. Remote meetings have become a much more utilized service—a cost-effective solution while still maintaining face-to-face contact for interpretation and translation services.

Document Translation Services

Telelanguage offers foreign language translations of documents to clients in over 350 languages. Human translators tackle projects with excellent attention to detail. Some types of documents include Public Notices, Ordinances and Rulings, Notification of Rights, Transcripts, and Summary Reports.

Why Should Your Government Agency Partner with Telelanguage?

Why Should Your Government Agency Partner with Telelanguage? 

Telelanguage understands the nature of government interpretation, maintaining confidentiality, and culturally sensitive services. We provide a variety of services to suit the needs of our clients and work to fit well within deadlines. Additionally, our interpreters go through a comprehensive training and certification program with a focus on cultural sensitivity and understanding, to include relevant cultural competence and an understanding of cultural practices, bias and discrimination, conflict mediation, and education of clients and associates as it applies to translation and interpretation.

Refugee Language Needs: Current Refugee Trends in the United States, and the Ever-growing Need for Language Services.

Refugee Language Needs: Current Refugee Trends in the United States, and the Ever-growing Need for Language Services.

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