Language Services For The 911 Emergency Industry

Telelanguage is the only language service provider that will provide you with certified 911, U.S.-based interpreters available 24/7/365 – at the most competitive rates. Our 25+ years of experience supporting emergency call centers will give you 100% reliability along with a dedicated account support team.

Telelanguage guarantees the highest quality of services, while providing the best value to our clients, and increasing overall client satisfaction. We DON’T leave you on HOLD. We maintain the fastest times in the industry through both call answer time, as well as interpreter connect times. We’re proud to say that our connection times are setting industry standards. No matter what language your callers speak, we connect you with U.S.-based professionally certified interpreters FASTER than any other vendor. We understand, especially in emergency services, that seconds matter.

In addition to being the fastest, we are also committed to providing the best trained interpreters in the emergency industry. In pursuit of this goal the Interpreter Certification Center (ICC) was established to provide quality training & education for emergency interpreters.

Aside from the ICC, Telelanguage also maintains multiple other certification requirements for medical and legal situations. Free Cultural Awareness training is also available to our customers to better understand how to work with LEP clients.

Both training and experience help create an environment of acceptance and urgency in any emergency situation where multiple cultures interact. Our training helps 911 dispatch and other staff to work respectfully and effectively with other employees and LEP’s. Our low rates includes paper and/or electronic invoicing, one-second increment billing, no monthly minimums, free third party dialing and NO HIDDEN FEES of any kind. We offer Free Service Trial Programs allowing you to test our services before entering into an agreement.

Our Call Volume Discount Plans are considered to be the best in the industry, and are only available to our Emergency/911 clients. Our contract renewal policy guarantees no rate increases. All interpreter reference materials such as language posters, dialing instructions, and tips on effective communication with LEP are all provided at no cost.

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