Frequently Asked Questions
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Does my organization have to sign a long-term contract with Telelanguage?

No. Telephonic interpretation services are billed month-to-month and you are only billed for the time you’ve utilized an interpreter. However, contracts that are agreed upon for a specific amount of time carry the benefit of a guaranteed rate for the duration of the contract.

Can Telelanguage provide me with materials or equipment to assist with interpretation?

Certainly. Telelanguage is happy to provide you with many different types of educational and reference materials to make your interpretation experience as easy and simple as possible. A detailed list of helpful equipment and materials is available in our “Tools and Resources” page.

Is there a minimum charge for the service?

No. With Telelanguage, you are only billed for the minutes of interpretation you utilize.

How many languages do you offer?

Telelanguage currently offers over 200 languages to our customer. Our languages page provides more detailed information about the individual languages we provide. If there is a language you are looking for and don’t see it on our list, please enquire via our “call back” feature and a representative will contact you shortly.

Can I access an interpreter from anywhere in the world?

Yes. Telelanguage’s services can be utilized 365/24/7. We have a network of dedicated interpreters all over the world to assist you at any given time.

Is Telelanguage willing to come to our location to present the services?

Certainly. In order to assist our clients in understanding our services and capabilities account representatives frequently meet with potential users face to face. To submit more information about your organization, or to request a presentation from an account representative, click on our ‘Register for services on-line” feature from any page of this site and choose “Telephonic Interpreting”. Once your information is submitted an account representative will contact you shortly.

What are the average interpreter connect times?

Our average connect times range from 15-25 seconds. With our technological capabilities, we are able to utilize automated dialing features that ensure a fast connection time for all of our clients. Our call center agents are trained to ask our clients for the language they are needing prior to collecting further data in order to allow our automated system to locate a specified language more quickly.

What kind of training do you offer your interpreters?

Our interpreters are tested and trained in many different fields of expertise. We are proud to provide interpreters who are qualified to interpret in fields such as healthcare, insurance, finance, legal and many others. We require our interpreters to participate in several training and mentoring programs before they begin their careers with Telelanguage. Nationally accepted codes of ethics and standards of practice are routinely reviewed throughout the interpreter’s training to ensure we are providing the most professional services possible.

Can we access our call reports and statistics online?

Call statistics and invoices are available online in order to offer you a simple, paperless solution to your account administrators.

How do you handle confidential information?

Telelanguage interpreters abide by a strict Code of Ethics and Confidentiality. They are professionals who are bound not only by a professional code of ethics, but also by written company policies and procedures that prohibit them from divulging any information about an interpretation. All documents and notes used for an interpretation are promptly destroyed at the end of the interpretation.

Can I access an interpreter at any time?

Yes. In order to meet the demands of clients all over the world, our services are available to all of our customers 24/7/365.

Is there an automated interpreter connect feature?

Yes. Tele Auto allows you to connect via a customized voice recognition service directly to an interpreter. It’s a simple as dialing your dedicated toll-free number, providing the language you need and additional information you have asked us to collect for your records.

Can your interpreters place a third party call?

Yes. Our agent will walk you through the process of reaching the necessary parties. After you’ve provided us with the appropriate information we will connect you to an interpreter and dial the third party for you in order to ensure the third party is able to speak their native language to your caller immediately.

Can I view a live demo of the GIP?

Certainly. Simply fill out a request for a call back on the frame to the right and a representative will contact you shortly to schedule a web-based demonstration.

How long does a GIP account take to set up?

Using the “Register for services online” feature allows you to create your GIP site in a matter of minutes. Simply enter your company information, select a service plan and enter your credit card information to begin a 14-day trial.

I’ve signed up for the Global Interpreter Platform! What is the process for learning how to utilize the GIP?

Our dedicated staff will provide you with personal web-based training to make your transition to the Global Interpreter Platform as easy as possible. Our GIP training team will work with your staff to ensure all users of the platform are comfortable with its operation.

How does your GIP training process work?

Our training is done via a webinar format. A training coordinator will work with you to determine the best possible training schedule for your organization and what parties should be involved. Training is always done with a live operator who is there to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Can I import my interpreters and clients into the GIP, or do I have to manually enter them?

Our knowledgeable IT staff will provide you with the appropriate templates to help your data migration process be as easy and simple as possible! Our goal is to make your transition into using the Global Interpreter Platform a user-friendly and efficient experience.

Do I have to pay for modifications in my GIP Site?

Dependent on the scope of the requested modification an hourly customization fee may apply. Our IT team will assist you in creating a pricing quote for your request. Multiple preexisting plug-ins and add-ons also exist and can be activated in your GIP site for a nominal monthly fee.

What is the Global Interpreter Platform?

The Global Interpreter Platform is a web-based tool for language service providers to manage face-to-face interpretation requests.

What does Software as a Service mean?

Software as a service, or SaaS, is a subscription-based usage structure which provides software applications for a usage fee instead of requiring users to purchase licenses. You can scale up your usage model based on a variety of service plans. You only pay for what you use and have the flexibility of upscaling or downsizing at any time. Usually, SaaS software subscriptions are provided for a monthly fee.

What kind of technical support is available?

24/7 technical support is available. A dedicated IT staff is available around the clock to assist you. Our team of trainers, programmers, and developers all work together to assess your needs and come up with the most efficient solutions possible. Support plans depend on the GIP service plan you select.

How much does the GIP cost?

The GIP is broken down into multiple service plans based on support needed, estimated volume and several other factors. To find a service plan that works best for your organization, select “Register for Services” and fill out the appropriate information.

What are the different user levels of the GIP?

Requester: Requesters can log in to view and schedule their interpreter requests, view and search existing appointments and even request specific interpreters.
Interpreter: Interpreters are able to use the GIP to view their schedules and accept appointments online in real time.
Scheduler: Your interpreter coordinators will have the ability to create new appointments and assign interpreters using this feature.
Management: With the management platform, users can create and manage interpreter profiles.
Executive: The executive platform gives a user full access to the accounting module, site administration tools and all levels of user password management.

How many interpreters, customers, and employees can access the platform at the same time?

There is no limit to the number of users you can assign to any access level of the GIP. Your requestors can be given the ability to create and modify profiles within their own organizations, as well.

What if the features that I am interested are not available in the GIP?

A GIP representative will work to assist you in building the best possible version of the GIP for your organization. The GIP contains a variety of add-ons and plugins that can be activated or removed dependent on your interpretation needs. If a requested feature does not exist, you may request a customization. Upon request of a customization, a quote for services will be submitted to your organization for approval.

Does GIP have an accounting module that I can use to manage my payments and invoicing?

Yes. The GIP is an all-inclusive interpretation scheduling platform. Our accounting module allows you to generate invoices and pay stubs to your interpreters as well as calculate appointment-specific charges such as travel time, mileage and/or appointment incidentals.

Do I need to install or purchase any additional servers or equipment in order to use GIP?

No. The GIP is an entirely web-based tool that is hosted and supported by Telelanguage. The GIP will work on any PC or Mac with web access. You do not need a specific browser or internet connection in order to utilize the GIP.

My organization manages 200 interpreter requests per day. Can your system handle this volume?

Definitely. The Global Interpreter Platform was designed to manage interpreter service providers of all sizes. There is no limit to the volume that can be utilized through the GIP. No more worrying about outgrowing your current system!

Does the GIP handle translation requests?

No. The GIP was designed as a tool to handle face-to-face interpretation.

What type of industries currently utilize the GIP?

A few of the industries we are currently providing services for include (but are not limited to) :

* Foreign language interpretation service providers
* Non-profit language service providers
* Courts
* Hospitals
* American Sign Language providers
* Universities
* Translation providers with growing face-to-face demands
* Corporations with limited English proficiency or deaf/hard of hearing employees

How do I become a Global Telelanguage Partner?

Becoming a Global Telelanguage Partner is extremely easy. Our representatives are available 24/7 to assist you in providing your customers with access to over 220 languages on-demand.

Is there a minimum fee to access the Global Telelanguage Partner services?

Absolutely not. Your organization is only charged for the interpretation services that you use.

What languages do you provide your partners?

Telelanguage is proud to provide over 220 languages to our Global Telelanguage Partners. For a detailed list of languages we currently provide, check out our List of Supported Languages.

How do your interpreters introduce themselves to my organization’s clients?

In order to eliminate confusion, our interpreters simply introduce themselves by providing your client with their ID number and the languages they interpret. At the end of the call the interpreter will thank the client for using “our services”.

Does Telelanguage provide SLAs (service level agreements) to its potential partners?

Absolutely. Our Service Level Agreements will guarantee that your organization is provided with the highest quality interpretation services in the industry.

Is there an automated connection option available?

Absolutely. Telelanguage is proud to provide industry-leading voice recognition and data collection tools to your customers. Optional customized introductions allow you to provide your customers with a level of service that guarantees prompt data collection and interpreter connection.

Can we custom brand our interactive voice recognition options?

Yes. Our customer defined Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) profiles allow us to collect the necessary information your organization needs to bill for the call.

We provide LEPS direct-connect options for certain languages, is this possible with the GTP?

Certainly. Direct-to-language connect lines can be configured for your organization. We can even include customized greetings in the source language of your call.

Am I able to give my customers their own toll-free numbers?

Absolutely. We can provide toll-free numbers as needed to your individual customers.

Can I choose how much to bill my individual customers?

Yes. Rates can be applied to individual or groups of customers based on your organization’s needs.

My customer needs me to collect specific data. Is this possible?

Absolutely. Our Automated Interpreter Connection allows certain numerical information to be collected while our live-operator connection option lets you customize the specific information we collect from your customer.

Can you bill my customers directly?

Yes. Customer direct billing is available. Your customer’s invoices will also be available to download and view in your organization’s online Global Telelangauge Partner account.

Will I have access to real-time call data online?

Yes. Our Global Telelanguage Partners are provided with access to the Telelanguage Global Interpreter Platform. This online tool allows you to access real-time call data, generate reports and view information regarding your account. Multiple reporting features give you the ability to quickly export data to a format of your choice.

What happens if my customer requests a language Telelanguage cannot provide?

If an interpreter is not available for the language your customer has requested, our operators will capture your caller’s data and make the necessary arrangements to provide services in the future. In the event that Telelangauge does not currently provide the requested language, an Interpreter Manager will be connected with your client to provide necessary assistance.

How does Telelanguage ensure a quality interpretation is provided to my customers?

Our quality assurance team monitors calls on a daily basis. In addition to daily quality assurance, Global Telelanguage Partners have access to language-specific industry professionals with years of QA experience.

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