Texas DIR Statewide Contract for Language Services

The Texas Department of Information Resources awarded Contract DIR-TSO-4157 to Telelanguage, Inc., for interpretation and translation services that improve an agency’s ability to overcome language barriers and promote greater efficiency when serving the public. Contact us to LEARN MORE.

Telelanguage Services:

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Texas Spotlight: Language Interpretation and Translation Needs

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Tim Bernal
Account Representative
Phone: 503.535.2178
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Translation and Localization Support

Hayley Emmons
Director of Contracting
Phone: 503.459.5683
Email: [email protected]
Contract DIR-TSO-4157 pricing

Contract DIR-TSO-4157 Pricing

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Getting started with a new account is easy. Simply contact us and reference DIR-TSO-4157 to obtain a quote and/or set up a new account by signing up online, or calling: 888.983.5352.