Why Become an Interpreter?

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There are several reasons why someone looking for a career in the language industry would become an interpreter.  If you have a love or passion towards language, here are 4 winning reasons to become an interpreter as a long term profession:

 You love helping and working with people:  Being a professional capable of connecting people together through language is rewarding, especially when you are directly involved in the process of providing understanding.  Whether telephonically or face to face, working with different people on a sometimes daily basis is a great way to offer the help you’re able to provide.

 Breaking down language barriers excites you: Every appointment and meeting an interpreter’s involved with is an exercise in breaking down a language barrier. As a certified interpreter, you’ll be instrumental in communication.  Taking part of the process that leads to understanding is one of the most important reasons why interpreters are so strongly depended on.

You have the ability to make critical judgment calls:  Certified interpreters are reliant on their knowledge combined with quick thinking.  Some interpreters can elect to work in the 9-1-1 Emergency or medical and healthcare industries, participating in life-altering situations. Regardless of which industry you choose, interpreting takes precision skills and the ability to work in fast-paced and sometimes stressful environments.

You want to be a part of a global business: As businesses lean towards globalization, the interpreter becomes even more valuable, promoting understanding with clients and customers from all over the world. Whether it’s during a meeting or a conference, an interpreter is a beneficial tool to help elevate a business’ global reach.

 You strive to continue to learn: When you choose to become an interpreter, get certified, and begin working, there’ll be continuous training sessions, additional language and vocabulary courses, and practices to keep your interpreting skills sharp throughout your career.  Having the want to always improve, learn, and grow into the career leads to satisfaction when you’ve become an interpreter that seeks to keep moving forward.

Choosing a career in interpreting results in changed lives, both for you and the people you’re helping to communicate. If you’re a business and you need certified interpreters with the qualities listed above, contact us. Telelanguage is backed by a team of 4,000+ interpreters ready to speak in over 300 languages. Now, connecting to a live interpreter is even faster with our breakthrough app for iPhone.

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