Interpreters: How Do You Keep Clients Loyal?

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Consumers tend to fall back on brands and products they’re familiar with and trust. Interpreters and interpreter language services intend to cultivate those who’ve had a positive experience in hopes to secure business with the same client in the future. How do you know you’re providing excellent service that’ll keep people coming back? Here are the top three skills prospective and returning clients are looking for from interpreters:

 Quality of Interpretations – Along with obtaining certifications and complying with the code of ethics, your ability to accurately simultaneously or consecutively relay interpretations will show clients you’re capable of handling the interpreting session or appointment with precision.  This, combined with years of practice and language skill acquisition, enable an elevated level of quality of interpretations.

 Reliability, responsibility, and professionalism – Are you consistently on time for every appointment? Are you organized, and follow up with those appointments in a timely manner? If source materials are needed before an appointment or conference, do you make sure to acquire and study them? Being prompt, available, and having the necessary time management skills and follow through are attributes clients think of when the need for an interpreter arises.

 Great Communication – Interpreters are on the front lines of communication. We’ve shown you how to make a great first impression, mastering this allows your people skills to shine through. Do you address clients pleasantly? Do you respond to potential clients and resolve any questions or concerns?  A personable approach to your prospective first-time clients can lead to long term ones.

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