How Do I Become an Interpreter?


Can you imagine being in a meeting and not understanding what’s being said? Or how about being at a doctor’s office without having a clear comprehension of the prognosis?  The demand for the  hottest job skill does not look to be slowing down anytime soon. The interpreter has become an integral asset wherever foreign languages are spoken and need to be converted to your own. Do you have an affinity for languages, and are thinking of a career move? We have broken down the steps for what it takes to become an interpreter:

Education and Language Proficiency: The most important factor to become an interpreter is education and sharp language skills. In the United States, typically you’ll need at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Most Universities will have courses designed to progress learning and skill in the field of interpretation. Along with native-speaking experience in your own language, you will need to be proficient in the desired second (or third) language as well. If you don’t have solid grasp of the language, you will need to take additional language courses.

Area of Specialization: With so many different career paths available to interpreters, choosing an area of specialization will determine your next course of action. There are several industries that depend on interpreters on a daily basis: Health care and emergency 9-1-1, judicial, educational, retail and consumer, and travel.  Each industry requires different criteria in order to excel.

 Certification: Some industries, like healthcare and judicial, require additional certifications to become an interpreter. It is important to obtain these certifications and keep them current. An interpreter that has been certified will be able to present certifications as confirmation that they are compliant with all current policies and procedures.

Interpreting is a profession in which you never stop learning.  Being the link between languages and providing understanding is what the interpreter aims to do. If you’re looking for a reliable service with experienced and certified interpretersTelelanguage interpreters have acquired all of the above training and certifications. We have 4,000+ interpreters ready to speak in over 300 languages and are conveniently accessible whether telephonically, on-site or via video remote. For an even faster connection to our interpreters, we’ve created a breakthrough app for iPhone, which allows you to reach an interpreter within seconds.


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