Video Remote Interpretation Surging During COVID-19 Pandemic: An Anomaly Year for VRI Volume

Video Remote Interpretation Surging During COVID-19 Pandemic: An Anomaly Year for VRI Volume | Telelanguage

Historically, on-site interpretation has been the only way to communicate face-to-face with limited-English Speakers, and those who are deaf or hard of hearing. In recent years, the emergence of video remote technology has allowed both the benefits of face-to-face interaction and on-demand capabilities – at a much lower price-point.

Many organizations are adding video remote interpretation to the offering of language services, and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, use of this service is skyrocketing.

In 2019, many organizations supplemented on-site interpretation with video remote interpretation. For example, a hospital might have conducted 80% of their face-to-face interpretation on-site, and 20% over video. We anticipate that in 2020, in light of social distancing and restricted travel, these numbers could mirror each other – or even be reversed.

As many industries are banned from in-person interactions, video remote interpretation will likely emerge as the most efficient solution possible for face-to-face interpretation requests. And as many organizations are forced to go this route, they may also begin to see the ease and affordability that is video remote interpretation – and work to stay this course indefinitely.

There is a lot of uncertainty regarding the path forward in the midst of this global virus, and many industries need more support than ever. Video remote interpretation may be one small service that can bring ease and efficiency to an over-stressed system. As many situations are changing by the minute, video remote interpretation’s inherent on-demand capabilities bring some peace of mind to those working to provide services to patients, families, customers, and communities.

The team at Telelanguage is working with hundreds of accounts – across all industries – to provide video remote interpretation services. Whether you’ve been using VRI for years, or it’s brand new to your organization, we’re here to help.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, Telelanguage is offering all new accounts our language interpretation and translation services with no contract required.


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Account set-up can be done remotely and completed in minutes. You can begin offering your communities over-the-phone, or video interpretation and translation services the same day you call – with the equipment you likely already own!

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Telelanguage can also provide free customized electronic, and printed, reference material for you to distribute to your families, communities, patients and staff. Unlimited staff training can be conducted via webinar or conference call to ensure efficient use of services.

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