Video Interpreting and Tele-Health: How it Works (SlideShare)

Tele-Health and Video Interpreting: How it Works | Telelanguage

Telehealth has the potential to change how we interact with healthcare providers. Advances in healthcare technology provide timely and affordable access to care. Hospitals’ adoption of telemedicine technology has increased by roughly 3.5% per year from 54.5% in 2014 to 61.3% in 2016. An estimated 51-53% of U.S. hospitals are expected to have installed telemedicine technology by 2020.

As telehealth services expand their reach in the United States, language access continues to be an important factor in providing effective care for the 25.1 million limited-English proficient individuals in the U.S.

Video remote interpreting provides on-demand access to interpreters that can be easily integrated into a telehealth system. Video remote interpretation, or VRI, provides the highest level of accuracy in telehealth interpretation with the added visual support of the interpreter. In addition to access to 300+ spoken languages, VRI also allows healthcare providers to communicate with deaf and hard-of-hearing patients. A Wi-Fi tablet on a wheeled stand can be rolled to a patient, press one button on the touchscreen and choose your language. At Telelanguage, you’ll be connected to a medically trained interpreter in 9 seconds.

Learn how Video Interpreting and Tele-health work together to provide a better experience for limited-English proficient patients in the SlideShare below.

Understanding VRI and Tele-Health (SlideShare)



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Slide 2 – Why Tele-Health?
Slide 3 – Tele-Health Growth in the United States
Slide 4 – What is Video Remote Interpreting?
Slide 5-6 – About Telelanguage
Slide 7 – Dedicated Team
Slide 8 – Healthcare is Our Focus
Slide 9 – VRI Setup and Connect
Slide 10 – VRI Call
Slide 11 – Interpreter Selection
Slide 12 – Professional Affiliations
Slide 13 – Interpreter Training and Certifications
Slide 14 – Protecting Your Privacy – HIPAA/Hitech Compliance
Slide 15 – Free Support Materials
Slide 16 – Reporting
Slide 17 – The Telelanguage Difference

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