When to Use Onsite Interpreters


Wondering when to use onsite interpreters?

There’s no doubt that when you’re committed to providing excellent language services for your LEP clients that interpreters and translators are a necessity! The demand for qualified interpreters and translators is not slowing down anytime soon, but how do you know what type of interpreter services are appropriate? Should you use onsite interpreters, video remote interpreters, or telephonic interpreters? As a trusted language services provider for over 25 years, we help our clients determine what custom services will work best to serve their clients.

Situations For Onsite Interpretation Services:

1.) Use onsite interpreters for lengthy appointments or interviews planned in advance.

2.) Use onsite interpreters if the conversation will be complex or time-consuming.

3.) If multiple patient appointments are being scheduled close to each other, it can be best to use an onsite interpreter.

4.) Accommodations for preference, i.e. if the Limited English Speaker prefers to have the interpreter onsite or feels uncomfortable using the telephone.

5.) If hand and body gestures are essential to get a message across, using onsite interpretation can be an essential service.


(Video) When to Use Onsite Interpreters


Use Certified Onsite Interpreters

It is important to offer the highest quality language services to get the right message across.

Telelanguage interpreters are the best professionally trained qualified and certified team in the industry. We have been developing and continuously modifying our interpreter training curriculum since 1991. We have involved leaders from healthcare industry as well as many other industries requiring language services with our rigorous interpreter training and certification programs.


Whether for business, medical, legal and more, Telelanguage offers 4,000+ industry certified interpreters in over 300 languages, and are available 24/7, 365 days a year. If you need help deciding what interpreter services are right for your clients, Contact us. We’re here to help you provide the highest quality language services for your clients and patients!

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