Why You Should Translate Your Marketing Content

Why You Should Translate Your Marketing Content
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Connecting to people around the world has become increasingly easier with the continuing advances in digital technology we have been experiencing. Many businesses are using this increased interconnectivity from technology to their advantage by extending their reach to new audiences across the world.

Is your business looking to reach new, larger audiences? Then translating your business’s marketing content might be the perfect strategy to get you there.

The world wide web is ruled by the English language, even though many users on the internet do not speak English as their first language, if even at all. By knowing your target audience or the new target audiences your business wants to reach, you can have your marketing content translations tailored to your new customers’ native languages. By doing this, it makes your business much more accessible and easier for more people to engage with.

Here’s everything you might need to know about translating your company’s marketing content and why it will help your online business.

What Exactly Is Marketing Content Translation?

Content marketing, by itself, is the method of prioritizing the creation of content for a business to attract an audience. It is the process of creating specific content that can grab the attention of potential customers.

Marketing content translation is the process of not only translating a company’s content and marketing strategies from one language to another but also ensuring that the company’s message stays the same throughout the translation. Sometimes translating certain sentences or phrases does not go as cut and dry as other ones, and the words have to be changed around for the phrase to make sense again in the new language. Because of this, it is important to hire a specialized marketing content translator to make sure that your content is translated correctly, and that it means what you originally intended.

What Is a Marketing Content Translator?

What Is a Marketing Content Translator?A field-specialized marketing translator is a professional translator that will ensure that your company’s marketing messages are also passed on to your customers through their translations, and not just the correct linguistic translations of the content.

Marketing translators are experienced in multiple languages and help with a variety of linguistic aspects of the content translation, such as making sure that the content’s jokes make sense in the translated language. Without using a marketing translator, the company’s messages can often get lost or confused when they are translated to a new language.

Why Is Marketing Translation Needed?

As of early 2021, only a small percentage of people around the world spoke English. Yet, at the same time, the internet is still completely dominated by the English language. Because of this, many people have difficulty accessing products or using company sites that only have an English version.

Marketing content translation is needed for your business to interact with a wider audience that does not fluently read or speak your language.

Benefits of Translating Your Marketing Content

Benefits of Translating Your Marketing ContentThere is a multitude of benefits to your online business that come along with using an experienced marketing translator to help translate your content. Here are just a few of the reasons you should think about translating your content:

1. Reach a Larger Audience

One of the biggest benefits of translating your marketing content is that your business will be able to reach many more people. The problem with keeping your website and marketing content in just one language is that even if people who spoke a different language wanted to try and interact, they would struggle to understand or use it correctly. By translating your content, you are opening up your company to multiple new levels of opportunities.

2. Increase Engagement and Sales on Company Site

By translating your content and reaching new audiences, the engagement on your online site will most likely increase a great deal. And with increased site activity and customer engagement often comes increased sales as well. Customers also are much less intimidated to use your site if they can clearly understand the products and services you are trying to sell and what your company is all about. They also appreciate when companies take the initiative themselves to translate content in order for their new customers to understand them.

3. Easier Communication With Customer Base

Another great benefit of using a marketing translator and translating your content is the newfound ease of communication with your customers who speak other languages. A language barrier can sometimes be the biggest obstacle that gets in the way of you and your customer. But—that doesn’t have to be the case. Translating your content and working with a translator will make communication with your customers much easier.

4. Improves International SEO

Because of the way that Google’s rankings and SEO work, more informative, quality posts and sites usually tend to rank higher. When your company’s site has translations offered, this will help to improve your international SEO immensely. For example — instead of your site only showing up in results for an English person who searched for your product in English, if your site offers translations in Spanish, someone who types in this product in Spanish in Google’s search engine will also receive your business in their results, therefore improving your SEO.

5. Increased Customer Satisfaction

When communication is easier, the websites are more accessible, and your business is reaching new places, customer satisfaction often increases. Someone that once wanted to interact with your business before it had translations will have a much easier time navigating through and buying products on a version of the site with their own language, ultimately increasing their overall satisfaction too.

6. Competitive Advantage

Translating your marketing content also helps give your business a bit of an edge over its competitors because of its increased reach to wider audiences. Translating your content also opens up new markets that your business may not have interacted with before, while your competitors are still unable to connect without translating their content.

7. Builds International Reputation

By having your business’s content translated and reaching more audiences across the world, your company’s international reputation slowly starts to get built up. As more and more people begin to recognize, talk about, or buy from your company, especially in new areas, your international reputation continues to grow.

What Kinds of Content Should My Company Translate?

When moving on to translate their marketing content, many businesses struggle with deciding what content should be translated in the first place. Here are some tips on the kind of content you should consider translating when marketing for your business:

1. Website Content

Your website is often the first interaction that a person may have with your company. Because of this, you want it to be welcoming and accessible to everyone. Website content is one of the best areas of your company to translate, as it is one of your largest assets to connect with customers across the globe. Also, by translating your content, your reach will expand because your site will come up in the search results of multiple languages, not just English.

2. Social Media Posts

Social media posts are another great aspect of your marketing strategies to translate. Social media is one of the biggest connectors of people we have in the world and it has helped bring many people closer together. Your social media posts have the ability to reach such broad audiences, which is why translating them can be so important. Most social media applications are also extremely helpful when it comes to providing analytics on users’ interactions on your post. This can come in especially handy when deciding what languages might be best for your company to translate its posts to.

3. Press Releases

Press releases are another aspect of your company that you should consider translating. Because press releases are often re-published, the reach of your press release as well as its potential to be re-published is immensely increased when the press release is available in multiple languages. Also, when a press release is available in multiple languages, this will increase your company’s SEO.

4. Video Content

Video content makes up a majority of the content that we see across the internet today. Whether it’s an ad, a tutorial, or an interview, video content is one of the most widely used aspects of the internet. Because of this, translating your videos can have a large impact on the number of people that it is able to reach. By simply adding subtitles to your videos in a couple of other languages, you are increasing the reach of your video drastically.

5. Marketing Strategies

Of course, one of the most important items your company should have translated is your marketing strategies. It is important that your marketing translator understands what your company is about and the messages that you are trying to put out so that when they translate your strategies, they can emphasize the aspects that need it. This also gives the translator the opportunity to change aspects of your strategies that may not work as well in different countries versus the country where your company is from.


LocalizationLocalization is a business method used by companies to target customers in new areas by adapting to the local, cultural behaviors. This process takes a look at factors such as customer behaviors, purchasing habits, and even cultural aspects, in order to better tailor their company to the people that live in that specific area. The topic of localization often comes up when a company begins translating its content because that is usually the first step of the localization process. Localizing your company to different areas helps to not only improve brand trust but improve company engagement and sales in these new areas.

Should My Business Translate Its Marketing Content?

The short answer is yes, translating your marketing content will help your online business in many more ways than one. Your company’s overall reach to new audiences, its international SEO, its international reputation, and even its sales, will all grow by hiring an experienced marketing translator to help translate your marketing content to your different audiences’ languages.

How Can Telelanguage Help With Translating My Business’s Marketing Content?

Translating My Business’s Marketing ContentHere at Telelanguage, we understand how crucial good communication between a business and its customers can be. That’s why we offer expert marketing translation services to help your business reach new people and places all over the world. We have a variety of professional translators that are fluent in multiple languages that can help tailor translations to your business’s market.

Has your business been looking for a way to increase its reach to new audiences? Try translating your marketing contact today! Contact us online or call us at 1-888-983-5352 to speak directly to one of our experienced professionals about translating your marketing content.

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