Top Language Service Solutions for 2020 (and Beyond)

Language Service Solutions: Language Industry Trends for 2020 and Beyond (Infographic) | Telelanguage

Why are language service solutions crucial for organizations in 2020?

Language-Service-SolutionsThe limited English proficient (LEP) population has grown to 8% of the entire U.S. population. That number is expected to grow, as immigration is projected to account for 88% of the United States population increase through 2065.

As cultural and linguistic diversity in the United States continues to grow, the need for professional interpreters and translators to provide communication with LEP and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing populations grows with it.

Language support is an integral part of all major industries, from healthcare to financial services.

Here are several resources that provide a deeper understanding of the need for language service solutions and language trends in the United States.


The Growing Need For Language Service Solutions in 2020 (and Beyond)

The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment of interpreters and translators to grow 19% from 2018 to 2028, at a rate much faster than the average for all occupations. Job prospects should be best for those who have at least a bachelor’s degree and for those who have professional certification.


Interpreters and Translators Top Best Career Lists of 2019

U.S. News and World Report ranked interpreters and translators #98 on their list of The 100 Best Jobs of 2019 in the United States.

They also ranked interpreters and translators as #2 on their list of Best Creative & Media Jobs of 2019. Scoring for the annual list is determined by: Salary, Job Market, Future Growth, Stress, and Work-Life Balance.


Languages Spoken in U.S. Homes with More Than 1 Million Speakers

One in 5 United States residents speaks a language other than English at home. Spanish is the most common non-English language spoken in the United States with 40.5 million speakers (2016).

According to the 2016 American Community Survey, languages spoken at home with over 1 million speakers (over the age of 5) include:

Spanish – 40.5 million
Chinese (including Mandarin and Cantonese) – 3.4 million
Tagalog (including Filipino) – 1.7 million
Vietnamese – 1.5 million
Arabic – 1.2 million
French – 1.2 million
Korean – 1.1 million


Language Services Industry Trends: 2020, and Beyond (Infographic)



While many people who speak a foreign language also speak English very well, 8% of the United States population (25.1 million) is considered limited-English proficient, meaning they speak English less than “very well.” With advances in interpretation technology, such as telephonic interpretation and video remote interpretation – it has never been easier for organizations to communicate quickly and effectively with multicultural consumers.

As we continue to grow in linguistic diversity and globalization, language service solutions will continue to be crucial for businesses and organizations serving limited English proficient and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing populations.


Your Partner for Language Service Solutions:

Telelanguage has been a trusted provider of innovative language service solutions since 1991. Providing interpretation and translation services for thousands of organizations nationwide, here are a few ways that Telelanguage has made an impact in the language services industry this year:

  • Telelanguage Named as a Leader in North America Interpretation Service Market (Verified Market Research)
  • Telelanguage Medical Interpreter Aids 911 in Baby’s Delivery for Spanish-Speaking Couple (CBS46 News)
  • Telelanguage Invests in Proprietary Technology to Deliver Best-in-Class Language Service Solutions (Video Remote Interpreting)
  • Telelanguage Offers Free Trial Services with no Contract or Obligation to Sign. (Try Language Services Free)


Language Service Solutions: How Telelanguage Can Help

Language support in 300+ languages, Telelanguage offers the fastest connect times to over 5,000 U.S. based professional interpreters.

Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting, or VRI, is the fastest-growing foreign language service in the country. An on-demand interpretation solution, VRI bridges the gap between telephonic interpreting and on-site interpreting. Benefits of Video Remote Interpreting include:

  • Gain visual support with enhanced accuracy
  • See facial expressions of the interpreter and know they understood
  • Confirm the meaning of non-verbal communication
  • Help the conversation for you, the interpreter and the LEP patient
  • Cost-effective. There are no minimum hours or mileage reimbursement needed to gain access to the interpreter.
  • On-demand access

VRI promotes the highest level of accuracy in interpreting, second only to on-site interpreting. Telelanguage provides HIPAA, HITECH and ADA compliant VRI services that can be accessed in seconds, available 24/7, 365 days a year – with assembly from any office or field site.


Download the Free White Paper

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Telephonic Interpretation

Telephonic interpretation is an on-demand, remote interpreting service that offers a fast response when urgent or unexpected language barriers comes up. Telephone interpreting bridges the language gap in areas where on-site interpreters cannot, such as an emergency situation, call-center support, situations that require a fast response, or in a rural area where a local interpreter cannot be immediately available.

When you need language support, you don’t have minutes to wait on hold. Telelanguage connects organizations to certified, U.S. based interpreters faster than any other vendor. Our proprietary technology also ensures that there are no outages in the event of a national emergency.

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On-Site Interpretation

On-site interpretation services continue to be high-demand for medical settings and promote the highest level of accuracy in interpreting. Here are a few situations that are appropriate for in-person interpretation:

  • Lengthy appointments or appointments planned in advance
  • When a conversation will be complex or time-consuming
  • When the subject matter is of a sensitive nature
  • When many patient appointments are scheduled close together
  • When the patient prefers to have an interpreter physically present
  • When the patient is a child as language skills may be underdeveloped

Sometimes unexpected language barriers come up and it’s important that your language services provider is able to fulfill these requests timely. Telelanguage has the ability to have a certified interpreter at your location in as little as 30 minutes.


Translation Services

Translation services require not only target language/English proficiency, but also a high level of detail and comprehension to topic-specific terminology.

At Telelanguage, our translators are subject-matter experts who have been through specialized training to meet the unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience to ensure proficiency in medical, education and social services content, formatting, etc. Telelanguage only uses translators that have native fluency in both the Target Language and English, and have at least 2 years experience in written translation.


In our increasingly diverse world, organizations must be able to communicate effectively with multicultural populations, across all industries. If you aren’t offering quality language support, you are missing out on multicultural business. In fact, 1 in 6 U.S. organizations is currently losing business due to a lack of language skills and cultural awareness in their workforce. Professional language service solutions are vital for a thriving business in 2020, and beyond.

A leading provider of language service solutions since 1991, our network of 5,000+ professional interpreters are superior trained and certified to fit your organization’s specific language needs. Have questions about interpretation and translation? Contact us today for a free quote.

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