Top 4 Challenges Interpreters Face

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Alt="Top-4-challenges-interpreters face"It’s no secret that top interpreters’ jobs aren’t simple ones. While being able to connect people together through language is rewarding, there are some challenges interpreters may face while on the job. Besides making sure they’re constantly keeping their language skills up to par while dealing with workload, we’ve listed 4 major challenges a professional certified interpreter may encounter at any given time:

 Challenge 1: Inability to hear the speaker
When doing a face to face or conference interpreting, a speaker’s audio equipment might fail, or someone may say something softly that the interpreter might not have heard. In certain situations, an interpreter is allowed to ask for the speaker for clarification, but while doing consecutive or simultaneous interpretations, it’s important that the interpreter is able to distinctly hear the entirety of what was said. Interpreters can’t interpret what they can’t hear.

 Challenge 2: Cultural Knowledge
Top interpreters have a responsibility to not only understand and be able to fluently speak the target language, they must also have a deep-rooted sense of cultural awareness, regional slang and idioms. Social evolution provides new words and phrases on a continuous basis, which means an interpreter is tasked with being able to deliver any given word or phrase accurately into the target language.

 Challenge 3: No Pre-Prep Materials
Top interpreters will spend a day (or two) before a meeting or conference going over materials that’ll be discussed or presented by a speaker. Last minute assignments and appointments can make a normal situation stressful when an interpreter hasn’t been properly briefed. Prep materials allow the interpreter to go over terminology, familiarize with the topic’s content, and provide time for extra research if needed. Without prep time or materials, an interpreter will go into the meeting or conference with confidence that their skills and experience will be their main asset while interpreting.

 Challenge 4: Interpreting Jokes, Humor, and Sarcasm
It’s widely known that jokes and humorous sayings common to one language may lose its meaning when received in another. In some cases, an interpreter will have an opportunity to obtain prep materials or briefings that’ll allow them to thoroughly go over what the speaker intends to cover. Success of the interpretations also depends on whether the interpreter has understood the purpose behind the joke or humorous line of dialogue. Humor, jokes and sarcasm become a challenge when used liberally throughout a conversation, and the interpreter must accurately interpret the joke or line of humor while keeping the integrity of the message intact.

The above challenges may initially prove to be difficult; however, top interpreters will be able to utilize their years of training to overcome them. Looking for professional, certified interpreters who are able to rely on their skills and experience to combat challenging situations? Choose a qualified interpreter language service. Telelanguage offers over 4,000 certified interpreters that are able to rise above all challenges, and are ready to speak in 300+ languages.  Connecting to a Telelanguage interpreter is fast and easy, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. If you’re looking for a certified telephonic interpreter today, contact us at 888-983-5352.


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