How to Structure Meetings with Business Interpreters

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Business globalization has become increasingly popular, with companies expanding their clientele and customers across the world.  Now more than ever, there’s a need for interpreters to be present in meetings and conferences.  If you’re a business that wishes to expand communication, here’s some helpful tips for bringing a professional business interpreter in the office:

Contact a professional service:  Before welcoming an interpreter into your place of business, it’s best to do your due diligence and research a reputable company.  Choose a reliable interpreting service that provides on the spot interpreters in the desired language.  Make sure the interpreter is a qualified business interpreter, and has current certifications.

 Professional environment:  We depend on the interpreter to provide rapid on the spot interpretations, and their performance will benefit greatly when the environment of the office is professional. The meeting place should be void of distractions, making focusing easier for your interpreter.

 Preparation before meetings:  Providing your interpreter with documents or resource materials of what subject matter will be covered beforehand will help gain familiarity of the topic. Be sure to fill the interpreter in on the projected direction of the meeting, the meeting’s content, and any other information that will aid the interpreter in understanding what the meeting’s ultimate goal is.

Communicate directly with the person/people you’re speaking with: An interpreter’s presence is meant to be neutral. Speak directly to your target audience, allowing the interpreter to properly and effectively communicate with them in their language. Interpreters in a business setting are to not be engaged, instead they are there to solely provide understanding.

Whether you are looking for an interpreter to sit in on meetings, or to have one for a specific business event, make sure the interpreter comes from an accredited interpretation service provider. If you need help choosing an interpreter for your specific needs, Telelanguage understands that each situation is unique, and will provide a certified business interpreter that will be an excellent fit. Interpreters at Telelanguage can arrive to an on the spot location in as little as 30 minutes from the time of request should you have an immediate need.


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