The Power of Video Remote Interpreting in Healthcare Settings

The Power of Video Interpreting in Healthcare and Medical Settings | Telelanguage

Video remote interpreting in healthcare is a leading-edge technology that is changing the way we communicate in medical and hospital settings. VRI eliminates language barriers between healthcare professionals and limited-English and deaf and hard-of-hearing patients by connecting to an on-demand, remote interpreter over a video connection. Video interpreting in healthcare combines the high level of accuracy gained from face-to-face communication with the simplicity of telephonic interpretation.


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12 Benefits of Telelanguage Video Remote Interpreting in Healthcare and Medical Settings:

  1. Certified Medical Interpreters (100% U.S. Based)
  2. Customized Rate Plans
  3. A Cost-Effective Interpretation Solution
  4. Easy Assembly From Any Office or Field Site
  5. See Facial Expressions of Healthcare Patients
  6. Ensure Personal Interaction in Healthcare for the Doctor/Staff and Patient
  7. HIPAA, HITECH and ADA Compliant Services
  8. Available On-Demand: 24/7, 365 Days a Year
  9. Available in the Top 25 Languages
  10. Apple and Android Devices Compatible
  11. Fully Encrypted Connections
  12. On-Going Training For Life of Account to Help Healthcare Professionals Work Effectively With LEP and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Patients


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The Power of Telelanguage Video Remote Interpreting in Healthcare

In medical settings, seconds matter. VRI gives healthcare professionals the advantage of connecting with a medically certified interpreter in seconds while promoting the highest level of accuracy in interpreting.


Connecting with a video remote interpreter is easy:

  • Log in to the VRI system
  • Choose the desired language
  • Begin your session with a medical interpreter


Video Remote Interpreting in Healthcare: The Telelanguage Advantage


Telelanguage is the leading provider of over-the-phone, onsite and video remote interpretation services, providing our clients with the fastest connect times in the industry and the security and speed of our proprietary telephonic and VRI technology. Our 5,000+ interpreters are superior-trained, certified and ready to speak in over 300 languages.

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