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Banking-and-Financial-Services-InsertLanguage services are an invaluable part of reaching and retaining multicultural consumers in the competitive industries of banking and financial services. A dedicated language services provider, like Telelanguage, will be able to provide complete language services to fit the needs of your institution, such as Telephonic interpretation, video remote interpretation, on-site interpretation, and document translation. Today we’ll be looking at the benefits of telephonic interpretation services for banking and finance.

One in five U.S. residents speaks a language other than English at home. Are you able to serve them? Fortunately, the flexibility and immediate response you get from telephonic interpretation services for banking and finance make it easier than ever for financial institutions to provide diverse customers with the language support they need. With the help of over-the-phone interpreting servings, multilingual communication in the world of banking and finance is readily available and easily accessible to help you reach your language support goals and connect with diverse customers.


How Do Telephonic Interpretation Services for Banking and Finance Benefit your Institution?

58% of consumers say calling is their preferred method of communication, and 51% report that they would never use a company again after a negative customer service experience. Banking and financial institutions that are able to quickly connect non-English speaking customers to professional interpreters will benefit from more satisfied customers.


6 Benefits of Telephonic Interpretation Services for Banking and Finance

Telephonic interpretation (or over-the-phone interpretation) is an on-demand interpreting solution that offers a fast response to support non-English speaking customers. Telephonic interpretation helps your institution:

  1. Maximize Call Center Efficiency
  2. Connect Quickly (in Seconds) to Resolve Language Barriers
  3. Support Non-English Customers in Hundreds of Languages
  4. Increase Customer Satisfaction.
  5. Reach and Retain Multicultural Constomers.
  6. Improve Community Reputation with in the LEP Community.

Telephonic interpretation services for banking and finance offers the most cost-effective interpreting solution, and is excellent for many scenarios, particularly for shorter meetings, meetings not planned in advance, and situations that do not require non-verbal cues or visual contact with the interpreter.


Telephonic Interpretation Services for Banking and Financial Services | Telelanguage


Serving Customers in the Language They Need

8% of the United States population is limited in their use of the English language. While Spanish is the most common non-English language spoken in the United States, according to the 2016 American Community Survey, these are the languages spoken in U.S. homes with over 1 million speakers:

  1. Spanish – 40.5 million
  2. Chinese (including Mandarin and Cantonese) – 3.4 million
  3. Tagalog (including Filipino) – 1.7 million
  4. Vietnamese – 1.5 million
  5. Arabic – 1.2 million
  6. French – 1.2 million
  7. Korean – 1.1 million

You can see how this leaves companies vulnerable to missing out on connecting with millions of potential customers – just in these top languages alone. The United States Census Bureau reports at least 350 languages spoken in U.S. homes. That’s why Telelanguage offers interpretation services in over 300 languages!


Why Choose Telephonic Interpretation Services?

In today’s fast-paced world, the work of telephonic interpreters is increasingly important. When you think of interpreters, you may imagine a face-to-face meeting where the interpreter is present for an appointment or conference. Just as on-site interpreters are a tremendous asset, so are telephonic interpreters. Here are some reasons to consider telephonic interpretation services:

Certified and Skilled Interpreters: You can trust that the voice on the other end of the line has elected to partake in several years and additional hours of schooling and training to provide the quality service you or your business needs. Interpreters work hard to make sure they’re credentials and certifications are current. This is an added security to clients when they know the interpreter has taken extra steps to strengthen their skills to provide the quality service you need.


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Fast Connections: In urgent situations, connection speed is important for ensuring that you will be able to serve your customers quickly and efficiently. Telephonic interpreters are available around the clock, every day of the year to take critical inbound calls.

Can Be Accessed Globally: Connecting with a telephonic interpreter means that you have language support wherever you need it. No matter where you or your clients are in the world, you’ll always have access to a professional interpreter.

Quality Language Support: Telephonic interpreter services provide a wealth of languages. A dedicated language services partner, like Telelanguage, can provide hundreds of different languages for greater flexibility. The quality of the interpretations is also vital, and a service provider with years of experience backing them up will only offer the most qualified telephonic interpreters to represent them.

Learn the power of providing multilingual support. [Download the Free White Paper], Connecting Humanity Through Technology: The Importance of Offering Language Services as an Organization.


Why Banking and Financial Institutions are Switching to Telelanguage

  • More than 300 languages
  • Strict confidentiality compliance
  • Interpreters trained in industry-specific terminology
  • Greater flexibility
  • Responsive support
  • Lower cost
  • Advanced features
  • Quick interpreter connect to all languages
  • Skill-based interpreter connect features
  • Improved services delivery


Telelanguage Quality Assurance for Financial Institutions

At Telelanguage, we take Quality Assurance very seriously. Our internal control processes and Quality Assurance commitment is highly successful and fully operational. Our goal is 100% on-time connection record, and 100% customer satisfaction. Telelanguage expects our clients to have a quality interpretation experience for each and every interaction.

Our quality program processes and other Internal Control Procedures were developed to address each segment of an interpretation request. These segments include:

  1. Answer Time and Critical Data Collection,
  2. Call Center Customer Service & Connection Times,
  3. Interpreter Greeting and Performance,
  4. Interpreter Code of Ethics, Cultural Sensitivity in Meeting Customer Mission Critical Needs; and Professional Call Closeout,
  5. Conflict Resolution, and
  6. Billing and Reporting.

In addition to our intensive Quality Assurance plans, Telelanguage enforces a strict infrastructure of training and certification for all of our interpreters and translators. These rigorous requirements promote the highest levels of professionalism and confidentiality – a level even the most secure financial institutions are confident with. Also, all of our data is stored in a Tier III professional-grade data center.

Financial Services is a highly specialized industry, one with very little room for error. You need a language services provider you can trust. Dependable access to telephonic interpretation in banking and finance increases efficiency, lower costs and helps build customer trust and overall satisfaction. Telelanguage supports your staff with free training, 24/7 customer support, free Cultural Awareness Training, and free support materials to ensure timely and effective support. Prioritizing language services in the world of banking and finance helps you to stay competitive in our diverse world.

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