Telephone Interpreters: Improving Business-to-Business Communication

Telephone Interpreters: Improving Business-to-Business Communication

Whether you have an international business or you’re ready to expand your services, we live in a global market. Today, Telephonic Interpreters are an important part of growing an international company, improving business-to-business communications, and maximizing the success of global outreach.

Bringing a professional telephone interpreter on conference calls for your non-English-speaking and limited-English-speaking clients ensures that you get your message across effectively, efficiently, and shows your customers that you care.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 61,000 people work as translators and interpreters. But not all interpreters are right for your business. So how do you select the right telephone interpreters for your conference call?


Five things to consider when looking for a telephone interpreter for business conference calls:

Telephone Interpreter Global Business

Professional Telephone Interpreters

When it comes to expanding your business into global markets, you want to guarantee that no part of your message is left to chance. Business interpretation and translation can be highly specialized for many fields. Using an industry-certified interpreter with knowledge of your business market and specific terminology is critical to effective communication in the target language. A language service provider should offer a filter-based qualification interpreter connect feature to provide the most qualified interpreter for your situation.


Over-the-Phone Interpreter Protocol

While your non-English-speaking clients may expect or be informed that interpreter will be present, you should always introduce the interpreter at the start of your conference call to avoid any confusion. Introducing your interpreter upfront will allow your clients to adjust their speaking naturally to allow for the most quality interpreting. A professional interpreter will also be aware of the etiquette of the client country and culture for sound interpretations.



Although many international business meetings may be planned in advance, you should consider a reliable language service provider who can also provide business interpreters on the spot for unexpected situations that may arise. For these situations, fast connect times is also important to keep the flow of communication and professionalism.


Complete Language Solution

Using telephone interpreters for business conference calls is an efficient and cost-effective way to get your company’s message across, but not all meetings will be confined to a conference call. Choosing a language services provider with a full range of interpretation and translation options, such as Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), On-site Interpreting, and Document Translation gives businesses the ability to plan for every type of situation, make productive use of cutting-edge technology, and consistently meet client needs.


24/7 Accessibility

Language barriers won’t always arise when it’s convenient. Your business may operate 9-5, but your international clients don’t. While freelance and in-house interpreters cannot be available 24/7, a dedicated language service provider should be able to provide you with the language solutions you need at any time – 24 hours a days, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Your company’s message and communication is not something to leave to chance in a global market. You need more than just an interpreter who speaks the language of your client. When seeking telephone interpreters for business, you want to use these tips to select an interpreter or dedicated language services provider that reflects your brand’s professionalism, can offer a complete language services solution and allows your company to grow and scale as you need it.


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