Telelanguage Provides Mission-Critical Telephonic Interpretation Services

Telelanguage Provides Telephonic Interpretation Services Nationwide
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Telelanguage, Inc. – a global language service provider – offers a variety of language support, one of which is telephonic interpretation.

You likely have never needed interpretation services – unless you find yourself in a country where you don’t speak the native language. For one in five Americans, interpretation services are critical to their daily lives – as English is not their first language.

Telelanguage has been providing our customers with the highest quality of service since 1991. We are a reliable and innovative leader in the language industry. We provide interpretation and translation services to over 1,400 organizations throughout the United States – across all industries.

telephonic interprettion servicesTelelanguage is in the business of connecting cultures, and today’s technology makes it easier than ever. Telelanguage, Inc. – a global language service provider – offers a variety of language support, one of which is telephonic interpretation. Imagine needing immediate medical care, but not being able to convey your concerns or distress. Telephonic interpretation allows interpreters to be connected to clients in as little as 3-4 seconds.

Many agencies have been using telephonic interpretation services for years, but the technology can seem complicated to first-time users. Telelanguage prides itself on being able to simplify the implementation process, provide continued training and support, and supply our clients with highly customizable printed collateral. Telephonic interpretation is simply connecting highly qualified interpreters with patients, clients, students, residents, etc. via a telephone connection. In many settings, especially healthcare, dual handset phones are provided to allow the patient, clinician and interpreter to all be connected over the same line.

Telelanguage has been developing a proprietary technological platform for over two decades for telephonic interpretation services. This technology creates the foundation for connecting interpreters, monitoring quality, tracking data and finding more efficient ways to cut costs to our clients.

“We feel that our technology really sets us apart in a very competitive market,” states Lyndon Beckner, Director of Operations for Telelanguage. “We own all of our own equipment and employ all of our own programmers, engineers and coding specialists. Our ability to instantly access every function of our platform allows us incredible flexibility, as well as security.”


As technology is ever-evolving, Telelanguage plans to stay ahead of the curve. “We’re listening to our customers’ needs, following migration and refugee trends, and staying alert to the latest hacking developments,” stresses Beckner. “Technology brings great opportunity and responsibility, and it’s our job to make our services seamlessly connect to our clients’ needs. Our goal is that our clients can depend on us, but THEIR clients never realize we’re a separate entity.”

Telelanguage, Inc. – located in Portland, Oregon – has been providing language services, including telephonic interpretation services, 24x7x365, since 1991. They boast over 4,070 interpreters around the United States and support over 300 languages.

Telelanguage has been a leading provider of telephonic interpretation services since 1991. We offer a complete package of language services to fit our clients’ needs: On-site Interpretation, Over-the-Phone Interpretation, Video Remote Interpretation and Document Translation. Whether you need a last-minute telephone interpreter for your conference call, an on-site appointment, or document translation, our network of 4,000+ professional interpreters and translators are ready to provide understanding in 300+ languages…24/7/365.

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