Telelanguage Interpretation: Meet Our Team

Telelanguage Interpretation - meet our team

Telelanguage Interpretation and Translation. What’s makes Telelanguage different from other language service providers? Telelanguage has been a leading provider of language interpretation and translation services for over 26 years. We have built our proprietary technology from the ground up in order to help our customers provide the highest quality interpretation services to their clients, patients and communities. At Telelanguage, it is our priority to improve the quality of our clients’ language services, provide the fastest connect times in the industry, and superior customer support and account management.

Our company values and technology have helped to set us apart from other interpretation agencies, and there are several dedicated staff at Telelanguage who help us fulfil that mission every day.

We’d like to introduce you to a few members of our core team at Telelanguage:


Lyndon Beckner – Telelanguage Director of Operations

Lyndon Beckner has been with Telelanguage since 2002 and has served as an interpreter coordinator, interpreter manager and IT project manager before moving his position as Director of Operations. Lyndon oversees the various departments for Telelanguage interpretation to make sure our company’s services meet and exceed client expectations.


Tim Bernal – Telelanguage Account Manager

Tim has been with Telelanguage for the past year and in the Interpreter Services Industry for over four years. He is an experienced Project Manager that oversees all aspects of account management from beginning to end.


Kazuki Yamazaki – Telelanguage Interpreter Manager

Kazuki has been with Telelanguage for over ten years. He is an experienced and certified Healthcare Interpreter in Japanese & English. His unique experience as an interpreter allows him to be a strong asset to our interpreter management team, by being able to recognize the discipline and strength needed in each of our interpreters.


Edward Zapf – Telelanguage Call Center Manager

Edward Zapf started as a Call Center agent, then moved into a Management position. He now fills the rolls of Call Center Manager. Edward’s contributions are crucial to the day-to-day operations for Telelanguage interpretation.


Telelanguage Interpretation: At Telelanguage, our team of dedicated professionals strive to improve the quality of interpretation that our clients provide to their non-English speaking & limited-English speaking communities.  Contact us to learn how Telelanguage can lower your monthly interpretation costs while improving your language services.

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Telelanguage has been a leading provider of language interpretation and translation services nationwide since 1991.

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