Support Materials for Working With Interpreters and LEP Populations

Regardless of the setting, when language barriers arise, it can be difficult for staff, as well as for LEP clients and patients. Telelanguage helps improve the quality of language services for organizations across the United States and part of our support for our clients includes ensuring efficiency through free support materials which can be ordered on our website.

In this post, we will introduce you to some of our support materials for working with interpreters that will help increase overall patient satisfaction, increase efficiency, and support staff in communicating with both interpreters and Limited-English proficient populations.


Support Materials for Working With Interpreters and LEP Populations Telelanguage


Free Resources for working with an interpreter

10 Tips to Effectively Communicate With an Interpreter (Onsite Interpretation)

An instructional handout with ten tips to assist staff in properly using an interpreter.

While working with an interpreter may not be an everyday occurrence, there are a few things clients can do to ensure that a session with an interpreter goes smoothly and offers the best results.

Get Free Interpreter Tips Support Guide here.




 Free language list for telephonic interpretation | 200 most requested languages

Language List – Top 200 Languages Available for Telephonic Interpretation

Telelanguage offers superior language support in over 300 languages. This handy language list contains our top 200 requested languages available for telephonic interpretation.

Having this information at your fingertips will help streamline communication, scheduling and routing for your staff.

Get the Free Language List here.


Language Poster – Top 25 Languages (Onsite Interpretation)

Language Poster - Free Support Materials for working with an interpreter

Point to your language poster.  This poster contains the sentence “please point to your language, we will call an interpreter” in our top 25 languages.  This is an effective tool to help staff assist Limited-English Proficient patients and clients in communicating which language they need help with.

Having a language poster available will improve language access, streamline workflow and can improve overall patient satisfaction and experience.

Get Free Language Poster here.




Folding Card (Staff Assistance)Staff Assistance Folding Card - Free support materials for working with an interpreter

This is a handy folding card to help streamline workflow and aid staff in communicating with LEP and non-English speaking populations.

Card contains:

  • The client’s toll-free number and access code,
  • Tips on how to use interpreters, and
  • “Point to your language” section

Get Free Staff Assistance Folding Card here.



Easy Reference Card (Staff Assistance)Easy Reference Card - Free Support Materials for working with an interpreter

The reference card is an easy-to-use, pocket-sized card to assist staff in connecting with an interpreter.

Card contains:

  • Instructions on how to call in and connect to your interpreter
  • helpful tips for working with an over-the-phone interpreter.

Get Free Staff Assistance Reference Card here.


Telephonic Interpretation for the Healthcare Industry

Telelphonic Interpretation for the healthcare industry - Free Support Materials

The Telephonic Sheet is an informative infographic for telephonic interpretation clients working in the healthcare industry and contains telephonic interpretation insights from 26 years of specializing in the medical and healthcare interpreting experience.


Get Free Telephonic Interpretation Sheet here.


10 Tips for Working With Interpreters in Healthcare Settings (Telephonic Interpretation)

Free resources for working with telephonic interpreters in healthcare settings

The Working With Interpreters Sheet is a helpful guide to assist staff in working with telephonic interpreters in healthcare settings such as hospitals, medical appointments, emergency situations and healthcare planning.


Get the Free Guide to Working with Telephonic
Interpreters in Health Care Settings here.




Telelanguage AdvantagesFree resources for working with interpreters - Telelanguage Advantages

The Telelanguage Advantages Sheet is an infographic which explains the benefits of working with Telelanguage as your language services partner and what sets us apart from other interpretation companies, such as reliability, fast connections, proprietary technology, dedicated customer support and cost-effective interpretation services.


Get the Free Telelanguage Advantages Resource here.


Free resources for working with an interpreter - transliterated card "hold please"


Transliterated Card (Staff Assistance)

When communicating with someone with which there is a language barrier, it can be confusing to relay the simplest of messages. This on-hand staff assistance resource aids your staff in customer service and communication with LEP clients and patients at the first point of contact.

Card Contains the phonetic transliteration of “one moment please” in several different languages.

Get the Free Transliterated Card here.




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