The Importance of Spanish Translation and Interpretation for U.S. Companies

The Importance of Spanish Translation for U.S. Companies
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Business owners understand the importance of keeping their business relevant and up to date. It is understood that it is important to make sure that your business stays competitive. Our economy is fierce, both globally and locally. Businesses must be willing to adapt and change. Consumers are what keeps a business alive and growing.

Without a strong consumer base, your business can ultimately be left in the dust. Consumers are driven by convenience, and if your site or other methods of communication aren’t easy to navigate, these consumers will move on rather quickly.

One important aspect of keeping your business current and competitive is the capability to reach non-English speaking consumers. To stay on top of the market, many businesses are turning to Spanish translation and interpretation services. These services open up your business to millions of people you may currently be missing out on.

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages globally, yet many businesses are missing the mark by not providing easily accessible Spanish content. It is crucial to be able to reach this ever-growing demographic of people. With the use of translation and interpretation services, your business will be more accessible than ever before.

Reasons to Translate Into Spanish

You want your business to be accessible to any potential client. This means understanding that a good majority of the U.S. and the global population does not use English as their primary language. In fact, there is a large percentage of non-English speakers in the United States, and this percentage will only continue to grow. In the U.S. alone, there are roughly 45 million Spanish speakers, and of this number, 22 million don’t speak English as a second language.

The U.S. Census Bureau found that 13.3% of our population primarily speak Spanish at home. This demonstrates that it isn’t just about the language. It is about the culture that surrounds it too. Even those who can speak English, prefer to continue to use their native tongue in their homes. This also means that this isn’t a generational trend that will change as more Spanish-speaking citizens grow up in the U.S. The importance of language in the culture means that it will not fade as later generations grow.

This number is simply too large to ignore and dismiss. It would do your business a disservice to ignore the clear trends in this area. This trend will only continue to rise. It is estimated that by 2050, the U.S. could be the world’s largest country by number of Spanish speakers, putting it ahead of even Mexico. It is important that your business can be reached by those who may not be able to comprehend or communicate effectively in English. By opening your business to this growing demographic, you open the possibilities of continued growth and success.

When factoring in your global success, without translation and interpretation capabilities, you are essentially cutting yourself off from over 437 million people! Technology has connected us easily with the greater global community around us. If we want to truly connect, we must be willing to adapt to changes to allow for greater accessibility. By allowing for greater accessibility, you are presented with a huge marketing opportunity.

Online content needs to catch up with the growing demands of language accessibility. Only 4% of U.S. online content is available in Spanish. This means that there is a gross underrepresentation of the large number of Spanish-speaking individuals we have here in the United States. What makes this more alarming is the fact that the U.S. has the largest number of internet users of any country in the world. When opening your online content to Spanish speakers, you are opening the door to a potential marketing boom.

Spanish Translation and Interpretation for business growth is essential. You want to be able to reach your customers on their level.

Spanish Translation and Interpretation for business growthFeeling heard and understood is a major aspect of successful business relations. Even in bilingual situations where an individual may be able to comprehend and speak English, having the ability to communicate in their native language can make a world of difference when it comes to maintaining your consumer base. This always helps to limit or eradicate any miscommunications that could impact your business relationships.

Spanish is the largest of the Romance languages that include French, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese. This is a huge demographic of people all over the world. Spanish is the 4th most well-known language and the most common second language that is taught in schools. Spanish education continues to be in high demand. This means that Spanish translation and interpretation services are depended on now more than ever.

The need for Spanish software, books, and other educational products is being utilized by book publishers, classrooms, educational companies, and even mobile applications. Spanish will continue to be a major language utilized around the world. It is the official language of more than 40 countries and is the official language of many key international organizations. To continue to grow your business, you need to expand your accessibility.

Understanding the Barriers

Reaching a wider client base is easier than it has ever been. Technology has opened doors that seemed unimaginable just a few years ago. Not only do we communicate with consumers through our websites and advertisements, but we also have the added benefit of social media. Social media has connected the world unlike ever before. There are around 377 million people who are communicating in Spanish through social media platforms. In fact, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language on social media.

Facebook is a huge social media platform, and it is one of the main online resources for connecting both personally and professionally. This means that if your social media is accessible to those speakers, you have a greater chance of your brand reaching a vast group of people than it hasn’t in the past. Instagram is another major social media platform. There are 13.1 million Spanish-speaking individuals on this platform, and 31% of this group consider and interact with other Instagram accounts that deliver their content in Spanish.

When it comes to online interactions, Spanish is the third-most used language for web content. It is also one of the top ten languages utilized for mobile applications. To connect successfully, your website and other social media outlets need to be accessible to this large group of potential consumers. By simply providing translation opportunities on your website, you offer a comfortable way to interact with users who might have earlier turned away from your site. This accessibility can help boost your web and social media presence.

Many different aspects of your business can require the need for translation and interpretation services. In fact, it isn’t just about the consumer. With such a high level of Spanish speakers in our community, odds are you also employ those who would greatly benefit from translation and interpretation services. The content alone is one major aspect. You also then need to factor in how your business functions when it comes to documentation. Understanding spoken English doesn’t directly translate to a person’s ability to also comprehend fully what they are reading in English. When it comes to important business documents, a professional translation service can help guarantee your information is received successfully.

Some of these documents include:

  • Immigration documents
  • Medical documents
  • Financial records
  • Technical manuals
  • Marketing and advertising documents
  • Legal and statutory documents
  • Business contracts

These documents are important for a variety of reasons, and their successful and precise translation is key. When you think about it, a business goes through volumes of documents in a single day. Letters, handbooks, and other documents are necessary in the workplace and beyond. This means that it is essential to accommodate your Spanish-speaking clients as well as your employees.

The medical field is complex, and so is the need for proper translation.

Medical Document Translation for BusinessesComplex terminology, medicine names, instructions, and dosing are all important to be understood fully. The chance for error in this area should be zero. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages, and for your business to stay competitive, it is important to understand how crucial overcoming a language barrier can be.

The lack of accessibility is a huge barrier your business could face when it comes to interacting with this rapidly growing demographic. As mentioned earlier, consumers want the ease of use when it comes to interacting with your website. If it is difficult to navigate, most will simply move on. This is working under the assumption that the user’s native language is the language used on your site. When factoring in language, this desire to move on is even stronger. In fact, 82% of overseas consumers prefer to buy in their own language. This is a huge percentage of people that may overlook your business, regardless of how great your products or services may be. It has also been found that 60% of consumers rarely or never buy from English-only sites. In the competitive markets of today, that is a large demographic of people to lose out on.

See how a Telelanguage Medical Interpreter helped 911 in a baby’s delivery for a Spanish-Speaking couple.

Adopting Translation and Interpretation Services

Translation and Interpretation Services can only benefit your business. In this competitive world, you want to stay at the forefront of accessibility. You also want your clients to feel heard and understood. By opening your business to more than just English speakers, you’re allowing yourself greater chances at success. Finding a professional translation and interpretation service is key.

Much like English, there are different dialects of Spanish. Different Spanish-speaking regions have their own culture, which impacts their social, political, and historical realities. This means that by utilizing a professional translation and interpretation service, you’ll be able to reach non-English speakers in a way most comfortable for them. English to Spanish translation services for businesses is the best way to reach this ever-growing demographic of people.

Building Relationships and Maintaining Customers with Translation and Interpretation Services

Maintaining Customers with Spanish Translation ServicesYour business will always need to adapt and grow to stay ahead. The global economy is at its most competitive, and it is easy to become lost in it if you are unwilling to grow and adapt with it. Technology has connected us unlike ever before. This connection allows for your business to reach consumers once inaccessible to you. It is important to understand the need for accessibility when it comes to the content of your business page.

In the U.S. and globally, Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages. For your business to reach its full potential, it is key that it can be reached by this large group of people. Given the statistics, it is clear that these individuals would prefer to do business with a company that understands the importance of utilizing their own language out of respect and comfort. Your business can only benefit from the use of translation and interpretation services.

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