Spanish Speakers in the United States (Infographic)

Spanish Speakers in the United State: Interactive Infographic

Spanish Speakers in the United States…According to a 2015 report by Instituto Cervantes, the United States has the second highest concentration of Spanish speakers in the world, after Mexico. Roughly 53 million people, 41 million native Spanish speakers, and approximately 11.6 million bilingual Spanish Speakers live in the United States.  There are more people speaking Spanish in the U.S. than Spain (47 million speakers) and Colombia (48 million speakers). By 2050, the United States is expected to have 138 million Spanish speakers, making it the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.

Spanish is spoken by more than 559 million people globally, and here in the U.S., it is the most common non-English language spoken in U.S. homes. While many people who speak a foreign language also speak English very well, 8% of the United States population (25.1 million) is considered limited-English proficient (LEP), meaning they speak English less than “very well.” Spanish speakers in the United States account for 64% (16.2 million) of the country’s total LEP population. With a large population of Spanish speakers in the United States, and globally, effective communication with limited-English proficient Spanish speakers is critically important in all major industries, such as business, healthcare, legal, government, and education.

We wrote about the top non-English languages spoken by U.S. state here. Today, we’re focusing on Spanish speakers in the United States. Watch the video below to learn the top 10 Spanish-speaking states in the country, and then check out the interactive infographic below to deepen your understanding of Spanish language use in your state.


Spanish Spoken at Home: Top 10 States

*(ranked by percentage of total population)


Spanish Speakers in the United States (Interactive Infographic)

*Hover over the interactive map to display.


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