Celebrating Spanish Heritage Month: Showing Support Through Your Business

Spanish Heritage
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Hispanic Heritage Month has been celebrated in the United States since the 1980s. It is an annual celebration that takes place September 15th- October 15th. Lyndon B. Johnson initiated this celebration back in 1968 that celebrates the culture of American citizens with ancestry from Mexico, Spain, the Caribbean, and Central America. Americans highlight the contributions, successes, and history of our Hispanic community during this time, which also corresponds with the commemoration of the sovereignty of many Latin American countries.

Hispanic Heritage Month is an amazing time to immerse yourself in the expansive Spanish culture. People show their support in numerous ways including cultural events, food festivals, and highlighting Hispanic charities. Involving yourself both as an individual, as well as a business, can help bridge gaps and enrich the lives of all involved.

What Is The Purpose Of Spanish Heritage Month?

Hispanic Heritage Month allows everyone to experience the wide variety of elements that consist of a rich culture. As Americans, we celebrate everything that makes us who we are. Spanish Heritage Month gives us all a focused time to reflect back on the numerous advancements and cultural impacts that this culture has provided for all of us. Spanish is one of the world’s most spoken languages. In fact, it ranks 4th in language with 538 million native speakers. Spanish is a global language that is still spoken in many countries that were once territories of Spain. Not only has the language been retained, but so has the culture and traditions.

Twenty-one countries hold Spanish as their official language. In the U.S., our Spanish-speaking community continues to grow. In fact, the U.S. ranks second to Mexico in terms of Spanish speaking population. The purpose of this celebration is to remember the strides that we’ve made as a country, largely in part due to the rich culture and history provided by Spanish ancestors.

Why We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

Why We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

It is important to show support for the Latino community. The U.S. has always prided itself on being considered a melting pot of all different backgrounds and cultures. The impacts that different important Hispanic figures have had go beyond those directly in the community. Our histories are woven into a beautiful tapestry that makes us unique. Understanding the advancements in history, politics, and the arts that specifically come from Hispanic backgrounds can only further the rich culture we experience, providing us a deeper understanding and sense of community.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with My Business

When it comes to celebrating Spanish heritage month in your businesses, the possibilities are endless. Your customers matter, and there is no better way to show your appreciation than to participate in cultural events in any way possible. This month is a memorable time for Hispanics, and a great business opportunity for your company. According to the Nielsen Report, 73% of Hispanics consider it highly important that companies and organizations recognize and take part in the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. In fact, Macy’s is one of the well known advertisers that shows support for this festivity with a series of events and promotions. When it comes to considering how to show your appreciation and how to get involved, there are a few tips to consider.

These include:

Conduct Promotions

If your business can offer promotions, this is a great way to show your support as well as promote your business. You’ll want to be sure that your promotions are tailored appropriately. These promotions could be special discounts, menu items, or even sponsoring different events. By offering tailored promotions, you show your appreciation to your customers by recognizing and supporting their heritage and culture.

Speak Their Language

This may take a bit more work than you realize. It is important to understand that Spanish is not necessarily the same across the board when it comes to the way in which it is spoken. It can be compared to how English differs from the U.S to the U.K. While it is the same language, there are still regional and cultural differences that influence word choices. You’ll want to be aware of the differences in your area, and be sure that your translations are accurate. You’ll want to have materials available in Spanish, as well as including bilingual people within your team. If this is unavailable, a trustworthy and experienced translation provider such as Telelanguage can help to ensure that your doors of communication are truly open.

Speak the language of your customers

Increase Your Network

You can utilize this time to build your relationship with your community and those beyond. Social media is an amazing tool when it comes to connecting with others all around the world. Some sites utilize e-clubs, which provide discounts, news, and promotions to their customers. By having your site accessible in a multitude of languages, you continue to bridge gaps that may have once existed.

Provide Lasting Impressions

Taking the time to truly understand your customers is a rewarding experience that doesn’t go unnoticed. By utilizing culturally relevant media plans and strategies, you can show your support for the Hispanic Heritage Month efforts.

Regardless of how your business participates, what matters most is the true pursuit in understanding the rich culture and practices of the Hispanic community. Your business’s participation can be a launching ground for a greater connection with your community, both local and beyond. Looking for other ways to get involved? Here are some ideas to consider:

Host Events

Hosting an event is an easy way to connect with your diverse community. An event brings people in, and allows you an opportunity to shine a spotlight on your customers and honor their Hispanic culture. This doesn’t have to be a grand event, it could be a simple meet and greet. By providing a place and the means for people to connect, you allow for stories to be shared and relationships to grow. If you are considering a larger event, a concert is a great way to bring people together to have fun and enjoy themselves. Some themed décor and a local band are all you might need to bring people together. Music is an amazing way to allow connections between different cultures. At your events, or within your business, offer a special on Hispanic-inspired beverages. Drinks such as margaritas, mojitos, palomas, and micheladas are all amazing drinks, and can be enjoyed both with alcohol and without.

Providing kid-friendly events is a great way to bring your community together. These events allow for children of all ages to come together to play, explore, and learn more about one another. By providing games, arts and crafts, and story-telling, you can help to spread the artistic creativity of different Hispanic cultures. Parents attending these events can come to learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month as well as your business. With kid events, you can also reach out to local schools. Many schools participate in Hispanic Heritage Month through art and writing. You can display their art in your business, at your event, or through your social media.

Invest in Social Media

Your social media is an amazing platform to show your support for the different aspects of Hispanic Heritage Month. Something as simple as selecting a Latin flag that represents your area and using it as a cover photo or profile picture can help to show your support. You can also use your social profile to share other events happening in your area. You can develop different content for your site, as well as host giveaways by getting your social media followers to participate in commenting and sharing posts. This is an easy way to increase your outreach to individuals around the world.

Throw Fundraisers

Raising and donating funds is a great way to show your appreciation to your customers and their heritage. Giving back to your community means that these events can continue for years to come. This can be a small event, all the way to a larger event that could utilize different businesses in your area.

Your business will always benefit by being an active part of your community. Hispanic Heritage Month is an amazing opportunity to demonstrate how much your customers mean to you. Hispanics are the second-largest consumer in the U.S., and studies show how important it is to many consumers that their heritage is respected and celebrated. Your business can see a lot of success depending on your ability to understand their culture, and their specific consumer needs. This targeting should be ongoing, making it clear that your support is consistent and real.

How Is National Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrated at Work?

How Is National Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrated at Work?

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month can be celebrated at work in numerous ways! While it is important to reach out to your customers, you don’t want to forget about your employees who work hard to keep your business thriving. At work, you can utilize a lot of the ideas for public outreach. Treat your staff to a lunch rich in Hispanic dishes such as mole, ceviche, pupusas, baleadas, and so much more! Odds are that someone in your business has ties to the expansive Hispanic culture. Show your appreciation to them by supporting the different community events taking place, and don’t be shy to host one yourself!

Translation Services

Connecting with people in their own first language is critical for showing your true support as a business owner. Your business needs to be accessible to all people, and a language barrier can seriously impede customers who wish to utilize your services. It is estimated that 572 million people worldwide speak Spanish, with 40.5 million in the U.S. alone. Combine that with the millions in the U.S. that speak French, Italian, German, Japanese, and Portuguese, and it quickly becomes apparent how vital it is to have translation services available within your business. Not having accessibility for the millions of potential customers who simply need translation can seriously limit your business potential.

As previously mentioned, the Spanish language is varied, and simple translations may not always be the best approach. Trusting a translation service can ensure that your communication paths are clear and well-received. Telelanguage prides themselves in training their interpreters in the nuances of different languages. When utilizing a translation service, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that any form of communication, written or spoken, is conveyed accurately. This commitment to getting it right won’t be lost on your customers.

Celebrate Diversity

Celebrate Diversity

Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual celebration that everyone should participate in. Our culture as Americans has been greatly enriched thanks to numerous Hispanic explorers, artists, writers, and scientists. Taking part in this celebration as an individual and a business owner shows your continued support and desire to take part in what makes the Hispanic customs and traditions so unique. There is no better way to show your customers, staff, and partners that you care than providing your services in their language with a deep understanding of their culture.

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