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Document translation services in over 100 languages. Since 1991, Telelanguage has helped thousands of organizations across all industries to improve language access programs through high-quality language interpretation and translation services

Whether you have a global business or serve a local community, organizations must be able to communicate effectively in both spoken languages and written languages. How do you know if your organization needs document translation services? Do you have technical or sensitive documents, such as legal forms, notices of rights, COVID-19 health notices and information, or written communications that must be available in a language other than English? A reputable language services partner can help you understand your needs and implement appropriate language services tailored to your needs.

In this post, we’ll go over industries that require document translation services, the benefits of professional translation, and what you need from a translation services company.   


Document Translation Services: Who We Help


7 Benefits of Document Translation Services for Organizations

  1. Achieve compliance with Government standards and regulations
  2. Improve customer/patient satisfaction ratings
  3. Increase LEP participation and engagement 
  4. Meet industry standards
  5. Reach and retain a greater number of multicultural consumers  
  6. Improves brand reputation within the community
  7. Reduces miscommunication errors with can negatively impact your organization


4 Things to Look for When Selecting a Translation Agency


1. Qualified Translators

Language translation is a highly specialized field and translators must be experienced and qualified. While many people believe that interpreters and translators can perform the same functions, document translation services require a different expertise and skill set than language interpretation. Not all interpreters are qualified to provide written translation and vice versa. Learn more about the difference between interpreters and translators here.

At Telelanguage, our translators go through specialized training to meet the unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience to ensure proficiency in medical, education, and social services content, formatting, etc. Telelanguage only uses Translators that have Native Fluency in both the Target Language and English. Our translators must have at least 2 years of experience in written translation and are also subject-matter experts as professional translation services require extensive knowledge of grammar, context, terminology, and multiple meanings in the target language.

2. Human Translation

Many companies offer machine translation or a blend of machine and human translation. Human translation offers the highest level of accuracy and should always be used for critical documents and documents presented to the public. Because a qualified linguist understands the idioms and grammar in a written work, he or she is able to use discretion for the most reliable and effective translation. This can also make written material feel more personalized, as professional translation services offer the best possible interpretation for the subject matter and not just a literal translation. Many of our customers have a need for highly technical translation, such as medical translation and legal translation and we provide the highest level of accuracy for our customers with 100% human translation services performed by professional translators.

3. Quality Control for Translation Projects

It’s critical to ensure that all written translations go through a quality control process to ensure accuracy for your project.

You don’t want a company that outsources the work and offers no in-house control. The quality control process should include multiple levels of editing and proofreading. We assign translation projects to specific translators based on their experience and subject-matter expertise. In addition to our high standards for our translators at Telelanguage, all projects are coordinated by a dedicated Telelanguage project manager and proofread and edited by experts, as well as by publishing experts so our clients get the level of accuracy they need for professional translations.


4. Timely and Efficient Translation Services

Delivery time standards for human translation services are determined by the project scope – size, content, and specific formatting needs. Telelanguage guarantees timely and efficient written translations. Deadlines for translating materials are determined in the review of the project and stated in a quote to the client for project approval.

When an emergency presents itself, it can be tempting to use machine translation, but the quality of written translation may be diminished by this approach and is not ever recommended for important, legal, or medical documents. Telelanguage ensures that our customers have access to professional translation services, which includes emergency and rush services.


Understanding Document Translation Services (Infographic) 

Telelanguage Document Translation Services

How Telelanguage Can Help

Telelanguage Document Translation Services and Interpretation Services provide help organizations nationwide to improve language access for non-English speaking patients, clients, and customers. In addition to written translation services in over 100 languages, Telelanguage also provides language interpretation services in over 300 languages, available 24/7/365 days a year.


  • Telephonic Interpretation
  • Video Remote Interpretation
  • On-Site Interpretation 
  • Document Translation Services


Confidentiality and Compliance

Telelanguage linguists are superior-trained and experienced. Our quality control process ensures the highest quality language interpretation and translation services – every time! Telelanguage provides 100% HIPAA compliant services, providing meaningful language access and compliance to meet the requirements of:


Choosing a Professional Translation Company: Why Telelanguage? 


  • Translation requires not only English/Target language proficiency but also a high level of attention to detail and comprehension to topic-specific related terminology. Telelanguage only uses translators that have Native Fluency in both the Target Language and English, and are subject-matter experts.
  • Telelanguage guarantees human translation, proofreading, and compliance with requested delivery turn-around time standards.
  • Telelanguage has the capacity to translate documents: From English to over 100 target languages and vice versa.
  • Translation Delivery Time Standards are timely and efficient, and vary depending on the project scope- size, content, and formatting needs. Deadlines are determined upon review of the project and stated in the quote provided to the client for project approval. Telelanguage’s priority is to ensure our customers have the services when needed including emergency and rush services.


Getting Started is Easy

Telelanguage makes the implementation of language services easy and painless, with no hidden charges. All auxiliary and support materials are available for free to our clients, and we offer free cultural awareness training to aid staff in communicating effectively with people of different cultures and languages. Support is available 24/7, 365 days a year so you never have to worry. 

We will tailor a plan to meet the specific needs of your organization to improve the quality of your language services, show regulatory compliance, and increase customer/patient satisfaction.   


Take your language support to the next level with Telelanguage. COVID-19 Language Support is available with No Contract Required Language Services.

Telelanguage has been a trusted and innovative provider of document translation services and interpreter language services since 1991. Are you in need of a more reliable language services partner? Telelanguage can help! Contact us today to request a free quote.


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