On-Demand Phone Interpreter Services in 300 Languages

Telelanguage Phone Interpreter Services in over 300 languages.

5,000+ interpreters ready to communicate in 300 languages!

Interpreters-insertSince 1991, Telelanguage has been a leader in on-demand phone interpreter services, helping thousands of organizations nationwide to improve their language access programs!

Our team of more than 5,000 professional interpreters is available 24/7, 365 days a year to empower your organization to communicate in over 300 languages.

Telelanguage interpreters are 100% U.S.-based, superior-trained, tested, and industry certified to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality interpretations – every time!

Join the organizations who trust Telelanguage as their dedicated language services partner for on-demand phone interpreting services! 





Telelanguage Phone Interpreter Services

Phone-interpreter-servicesCertified and Skilled Interpreters: You can trust that the voice on the other end of the line has elected to partake in several years and additional hours of schooling and training to provide the quality service you or your business needs. Interpreters work hard to make sure they’re credentials and certifications are current. This is an added security to clients when they know the interpreter has taken extra steps to strengthen their skills to provide the quality service you need.

Fast Connections: Connect in seconds! In emergency situations, connection speed is important for ensuring that a 9-1-1, police, and fire or medical team will be able to respond quickly. Over-the-phone interpreters are available around the clock, every day of the year to take critical inbound calls.

Can be accessed globally: Professional phone interpreters can be connected to businesses or clients wherever you need them. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll always have access to an interpreter for assistance with appointments or meetings.

Quality language support: Phone interpreter services provide a wealth of languages. Telelanguage offers superior language support in 300+ languages, making provider options easier to choose from. The quality of the interpretations is vital. Telelanguage has over 28 years of experience and is trusted by thousands of organizations nationwide. Our interpreters are superior-trained and certified in industry-specific terminology to ensure accuracy and quality.


Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services: Who We Help

  • Healthcare (Hospitals, Private Practices, Clinics, Telehealth, Emergency Medicine, etc)
  • Business
  • Government 
  • Social Services
  • Police / Fire / 911
  • Financial Services 
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications (Call Centers, Help Desks)
  • Travel / Tourism / Hospitality
  • Legal / Judicial 
  • Education (K-12, Higher Education)
  • Transportation 


Language Services to Fit Your Needs

When language barriers arise, you need a language services provider you can trust. On-demand interpreter services (Phone Interpreter Services and Video Remote Interpretation Services) are available in over 300 languages, and allow organizations of all sizes to connect to certified, U.S. based interpreters – 24/7, 365 days a year. 

In addition to on-demand language services, Telelanguage also provides On-site Interpretation Services and Translation Services to help you serve the language needs of your customers, clients, and patients.

Telelanguage helps organizations across the United States to increase overall satisfaction, comply with government regulations and standards, and connect with multicultural populations…all while reducing interpretation costs to our clients.


Phone Interpreter Services: Confidentiality and Compliance

Telelanguage provides 100% HIPAA compliant services to meet the requirements of government regulations and standards, including:

  • Affordable Care Act, Section 1557 (ACA)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA)
  • Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • The Joint Commission


The Telelanguage Difference

Telelanguage is a leading provider of phone interpreter services, offering effective, reliable, solutions, dedicated customer support, and performance improvement services which have allowed us to provide our clients with the highest language services since 1991. Leading the way in cutting-edge technology, advanced features, and real-time data access, Telelanguage is the difference it takes in the fast-paced world of language services.

Advanced Features in Telephone Interpreting Services:

  • Automated interpreter connect
  • Customized and language-dependent rate plans
  • Full-time, dedicated customer support
  • Online and on-location training
  • Filter-based qualification interpreter connect
  • Detailed customized usage reports and client newsletters
  • Performance improvement consulting/service reviews
  • Responsive and helpful client services team
  • Online tracking system and account management



Why Organization are Switching to Telelanguage

Healthcare Organizations: Medically trained interpreters, HIPAA compliant services, lower cost.

State and Federal Agencies: Confidentiality compliance, greater flexibility, responsive support.

Insurance and Legal Services: Strict confidentiality compliance, interpreters trained in specific terminology.

Public Utility, Police and 911: Quick interpreter connect to all languages, flexible rate plans and volume discounts.

Call Centers and Help Desks: Lower cost, advanced features, improved services delivery, and skill-based interpreter connect features.


Download the Free Whitepaper

Download the Free Whitepaper!

Connecting Humanity Through Technology

Learn more about the importance of offering phone interpreter services in our free industry whitepaper: Connecting Humanity Through Technology! 

Free Whitepaper features information to help you understand:

  • The importance of organizations utilizing interpreters and translators.
  • Embracing technology to enhance communication.
  • Understanding the telephonic interpretation process.


Get Started With Telelanguage Phone Interpreter Services!

Telelanguage makes the implementation of language support services easy and painless, with no hidden charges. All support materials are available for free to our clients, and we offer free cultural awareness training to aid staff in communicating effectively with different cultures and languages. 

We will tailor a plan to meet the specific needs of your organization to improve the quality of your language services, show regulatory compliance, and increase customer satisfaction.  


Telelanguage’s commitment to customer service, technological advancements, and quality assurance is the reason why 98% of our current clients would recommend us – and why dozens of new customers switch to us every week. To prove ourselves, we offer free trial minutes with no obligation or contract to sign. With more languages than any other provider – and the quickest connect times in the industry – you’ll see why we continue to be a leader in our industry.

Telelanguage provides a better way of communicating with limited-English proficient customers and patients.

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