Need a Reliable Last Minute Interpreter For Your Meeting or Appointment?


Whether for work or personal, last minute meetings and appointments are bound to happen. When those meetings involve communication with someone that doesn’t speak your language, how do you find an interpreter in a short amount of time? Here are some tips for finding a last minute interpreter:

 Research – A quick search can provide several results, but how will you know which interpreting service best fits your needs? What you’re looking for in an interpreter is not only professionalism but acquired skills and proficiency in the area you desire. If you need the interpreter for medical or legal appointments, business meetings or conferences, make sure the service provides interpreters have been certified, and that the certifications are current.

Certifications – Why should it matter if an interpreter is certified? Certifications are important as they establish the interpreter took the necessary extra steps to master not only the language but is equipped with knowledge and experience in the chosen field to better assist you. Certifications also show that the interpreter complies with national practice standards.

 Experience and Reliability – A service that has a track record that goes back for years is a good sign that the interpreter service has established roots in the industry.  A reflection of years of service is reliability.  With years of combined experience and reliability comes consistent quality and professionalism.

 Positive Feedback – As always, check for feedback, see what others have said about using the interpreter service. If a service has interpreters that have been certified and have proven experience and reliability, satisfied customers and clients will stand behind them.

If you find yourself in need of a last minute interpreter, Telelanguage offers not only urgent over the phone responses, but can be on site within 30 minutes of the initial request. In addition to telephonic and on the spot interpreters, this free to download app for iPhone connects you to an interpreter in just seconds. Telelanguage has over 20 years in the industry backing them up, with a team of over 4,000+ interpreters ready to speak in over 300 languages.


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