LEP Patient Care: The Positive Impact of Certified Medical Interpreters

healthcare open enrollment and language ac8-things-you-need-from-healthcare-language-services-partnercessImproving LEP patient care is a top priority for hospitals and healthcare systems in our country. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are at least 350 Languages spoken in U.S. homes and 8% of the U.S. population is considered Limited-English Proficient (LEP). The increase of patients in the United States who speak foreign languages makes access to interpreters imperative for positive health outcomes. Telelanguage has been a leader in healthcare language services since 1991, and over 70% of our current client base are healthcare entities. As a top provider of interpreter services, we believe that all healthcare organizations should have affordable access to the best-qualified language service support.


Here’s how certified medical interpreters positively impact LEP patient care…


Importance Of Certified Medical Interpreters

LEP patient care will be negatively impacted by poor communication. Studies have also shown that language barriers can lead misdiagnosis, patient safety events, and inappropriate treatment. Certified medical interpreters are crucial to overcoming language barriers in medical settings. Certified interpreters will have the experience to work in high-stress medical situation (such as emergency medicine), they will be trained in medical terminology, and must adhere to strict confidentiality standards. 

Health Services Research has found the use of professional medical interpreters to positively impact patient care. In fact, “Use of professional interpreters is associated with improved clinical care more than is use of ad hoc interpreters, and professional interpreters appear to raise the quality of clinical care for LEP patients to approach or equal that for patients without language barriers.”

In healthcare, even the smallest inaccuracy can have devastating consequences. When every second counts, healthcare professionals need a language services partner they can trust. Excellence in medical interpreting is a win for everyone, and it can save lives.


What kind of language services benefit healthcare professionals?


Benefits of Video Remote Interpretation

Benefits of Video Remote Interpretation. Download the Free Whitepaper!

Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting is an on-demand interpretation solution that bridges the gap between over-the-phone interpreting and on-site interpreting. It can also be extremely cost-effective in healthcare settings because no minimum hours or mileage reimbursement are needed to gain access to the interpreter (as might occur with an in-person appointment).

Rural area hospitals can also improve LEP patient care with Video Remote Interpretation (VRI), where access to language interpreters may be limited.

Using leading-edge technology, Video Remote Interpreting is a perfect on-demand solution for hospital and healthcare systems who require a fast response.


On-site Interpretation

On-site interpretation can be the right solution to support LEP patient care for lengthy appointments or interviews planned in advance. When a conversation will be complex or time-consuming, in-person interpretation will help reduce patient stress and ensure meaningful communication. A few other instances where on-site medical interpreters are beneficial may include when many patient appointments are scheduled close together, and when the patient prefers to have an interpreter physically present.

Medical situations can cause stress for anyone, but when there is a language barrier, having an interpreter present can greatly reduce the stress for the LEP patient. When a situation arises where you need an on-site interpreter fast, Telelanguage can have a certified medical interpreter at a location in as little as 30 minutes.



Telephonic Interpretation

Over-the-Phone Interpretation is an on-demand, remote interpreting service that offers a fast response when urgent or unexpected language barriers comes up.

Available at a low per-minute rate, Telephonic Interpreting allows medical professionals to connect to an interpreter in seconds, regardless of the language needed. Telelanguage’s proprietary technology ensures that there are no outages during national emergencies and allows professionals to connect to certified interpreters best qualified for the situation in over 300 languages.

Situations in healthcare move fast and Telelanguage provides the fastest connect times in the industry (average time is 7 seconds). 


Translation Services

Medical documents and patient care instructions can be confusing for a patient, but when the patient does not speak English documents must be provided in the language preferred by the patient. Telelanguage has the capacity to translate documents from English to over 100 target languages and vice versa.


Telelanguage Makes Healthcare Interpreting Easy 

Every organization has unique interpretation needs. Telelanguage offers complete language services options to fit the needs of your healthcare organization. We work with our client to improve the quality of language access programs while reducing interpretation budget. If you’ve been thinking about switching to a more reliable language services partner to improve LEP patient care, we offer Free Service Trial Programs where you can test our services before entering into an agreement. Our Call Volume Discount Plans are considered to be the best in the industry and are available exclusively to our Healthcare clients. 




Telelanguage provides the highest-quality language services for healthcare organizations nationwide. Our interpreters are medically certified and superior-trained. Contact us for a free quote.  

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