Language Translation Washington, DC (Access Spotlight)

Language Access Spotlight: Translation Washington DC

Language Translation Washington, D.C. – spotlight on Washington, DC language access needs.  According to research from In 2012, Washington, DC had the seventh-largest foreign-born concentration in the country at 21.5% of the population (following New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Houston, and San Francisco).

Telelanguage has been providing our customers with the highest quality translation services and interpretation services in Washington, DC, and across the United States – since 1991. The following is a snapshot of language access needs in Washington, DC.

Language Translation Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C. Spotlight: Language Access and Translation Needs

In 2004, the District of Columbia enacted the D.C. Language Access Act of 2004 (D.C. Code §2-1931 et seq.).
District of Columbia government agencies and entities receiving funding from the D.C. government are
required to provide language access to persons with limited-English proficiency and Non-English speakers.


Top 10 Languages Spoken in Washington, D.C.:
1. Spanish
2. African Languages
3. French
4. Chinese
5. German
6. Russian
7. Italian
8. Arabic
9. Tagalog
10. Portuguese


Most Common Countries of Origin:

1. El Salvador – 14,663 immigrants (2015)
2. Ethiopia – 5,966 immigrants (2015)
3. China – 3,231 immigrants (2015)

As of 201592% of Washington, DC residents were US citizens (lower than national average: 93%). Compared to 2014 (91.4%, citizenship),  Washington, DC citizenship has been growing.


Translation & Interpretation Needs: Washington, D.C. (Infographic)Language Access Spotlight on Washington, D.C. | Telelanguage

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This spotlight – Language Translation Washington, DC – highlights the most common languages and populations in need of access to

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