Language Translation Phoenix: A U.S. Cities Spotlight [Infographic]

Language translation phoenix

Language Translation Phoenix: A U.S. Cities Spotlight – Phoenix is the fifth most populous U.S. city, and the only state capital exceeding one million residents. According to recent reports from Pew Research Center, Phoenix ranks number 10 for cities with the highest number of unauthorized immigrants and had a relatively high concentration within the major metropolitan area. According to U.S. Census, 37.6% of Phoenix citizens speak a language other than English.

Telelanguage has been providing our customers with the highest quality translation services and interpretation services in Phoenix, Arizona, and across the United States – since 1991. The following is a snapshot of language access needs in Phoenix, Arizona.

Language Translation Phoenix

Spotlight on Phoenix: Language Access and Translation Needs

  • 37.6% of Phoenix, AZ citizens are speakers of a non-English language. (National average: 21.5%).
  • Foreign-born population: 346,430 (27% of total population)
  • As of 2015, Phoenix had the 34th highest foreign-born population in the country
  • The median age of foreign-born citizen is Phoenix is 40.9 (Native-born: 30.6)


Top 10 Languages Spoken in Boston, MA:

  1. SpanishData-USA-NES-Phoenix-Az
  2. Other Asian
  3. Arabic
  4. Vietnamese
  5. African Languages
  6. Chinese
  7. Tagalog
  8. Najaho
  9. Serbo-Croatian
  10. German


*According to a 2015 Census, there were 4,925 native Navajo speakers in Phoenix, approximately 8.19 times more than would be expected compared to other census locations.


Most Common Countries of Origin (Phoenix):

  1. Mexico – 531,897 immigrants (2015)
  2. Canada – 45,557 immigrants (2015)
  3. Germany – 31,073 immigrants (2015)


Citizenship in Phoenix, AZ:

As of 2015, 86.7% of the residents in Phoenix were US citizens. This remains lower than the national average for citizenship, which is 93%.

Compared to 85.6% in 2014, citizenship in Phoenix is growing.

Translation & Interpretation Needs: Phoenix (Infographic)

Language Translation Phoenix Spotlight Infographic

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