Language Support for Banking and Financial Institutions

Language Support for Banking and Financial Institutions

Banking-IndustryAs the economic world grows smaller, and global business grows larger, different cultures and languages are intersecting at an ever-increasing pace, and language support for banking and financial institutions is vital to this industry in a competitive market. In our increasingly digital and fast-paced world, customers expect quick, easy, and reliable services from financial institutions, and that includes multilingual customer support. With over 27 years of providing language support for banking and financial institutions, Telelanguage believes security, compliance and customer satisfaction to be the three of the most crucial aspects of the Finance industry.

Language Support for Banking and Financial Institutions: The Telelanguage Difference

Banks, investment companies and financial institutions who work with multilingual clients and international markets need fast, responsive language support they can trust. Telelanguage has been providing language support for banking and financial institutions for over 27 years. Superior language support in more than 300 languages, available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Telelanguage’s internal control processes and Quality Assurance commitment is highly successful and fully operational. Our goal is 100% on time connection record, and 100% customer satisfaction. Telelanguage expects our clients to have a quality interpretation experience for each and every interaction. Our interpreters act as a bridge between our clients and their limited English proficient (LEP) customer, therefore client and customer can focus on the business at hand, rather than the interpretation experience.

Our quality program processes and other Internal Control Procedures were developed to address each segment of an interpretation request.

These segments include:

  1. Answer Time and Critical Data Collection,
  2. Call Center Customer Service & Connection Times,
  3. Interpreter Greeting and Performance,
  4. Interpreter Code of Ethics, Cultural Sensitivity in Meeting Customer Mission Critical Needs; and Professional Call Closeout,
  5. Conflict Resolution, and
  6. Billing and Reporting.

In addition to our intensive Quality Assurance plans, Telelanguage enforces a strict infrastructure of training and certification for all of our interpreters and translators. These rigorous requirements promote the highest levels of professionalism and confidentiality – a level even the most secure financial institutions are confident with. Also, all of our data is stored in a Tier III professional-grade data center.


Complete Language Services to Fit Your Needs


Telephonic Interpretation

Over-the-Phone Interpretation is an on-demand, remote interpreting service that offers a fast response for banking and financial institutions in order to provide your customers and call center with the language support and customer service they need – accurately, reliably, securely. Maximizing call center efficiency through quick interpreter connect (in seconds) regardless of the language needed. Telelanguage provides the fastest connect times in the industry (average time is 7 seconds).

Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting is an on-demand interpretation solution that bridges the gap between over-the-phone interpreting and on-site interpreting. It can also be extremely cost-effective for banking and financial institutions because no minimum hours or mileage reimbursement are needed to gain access to the interpreter (as might occur with an in-person appointment).
Using leading-edge technology, Video Remote Interpreting is a perfect on-demand solution for financial entities who require a fast response, and visual contact with the interpreter.

On-site Interpretation

On-site interpretation can be the right solution to support LEP patient care for lengthy appointments or interviews planned in advance. When a conversation will be complex or time-consuming, in-person interpretation will ensure meaningful communication for your in-person meetings with non-English speaking clients. Providing flexibility and superior customer support, if a situation arises where you need an on-site interpreter urgently, Telelanguage can have a certified interpreter at your location in as little as 30 minutes.

Document Translation

Having prepared translation of vital documents in the top non-English languages of your banking or financial institution is crucial. Having the means to prepare specialized documents in a timely manner is also key. Telelanguage translation specialists are subject-matter experts, meaning we provide you the best-qualified linguists for your project. Telelanguage has the capacity to translate documents from English to over 100 target languages and vice versa.


Commonly Translated Materials for Banking and Financial Institutions

  • Financial Statements
  • Contracts
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Loan Applications and Information
  • Credit Information
  • Banking & Account Statements
  • Fiscal Revenue Reports
  • Mortgage Terms, Conditions & Contacts
  • Annual Reports
  • Application Forms
  • Audit Reports
  • Investment Reports
  • Disclosure Agreements
  • Shareholder Information
  • Balance Sheets
  • Compliance Documents
  • Commercial Correspondence
  • Legal Documents
  • Bank Statements


Why Banking and Financial Institutions are Switching to Telelanguage

Language Support for Banking and Financial Institutions | Telelanguage
Having dependable access to language support for banking and financial institutions can increase efficiency and lower costs, builds customer trust and satisfaction in your community, and allows your institution to provide the highest quality services to your customers. Telelanguage supports your staff with free training, 24/7 customer support, free Cultural Awareness Training, and free support materials to ensure timely and effective support. Prioritizing interpretation and translation in financial services allows you to stay competitive in an increasingly multilingual world.  


Have questions about language services for banking and financial institutions? Contact us for more information or to request a free quote or demo for your institution. No matter what language your customers speak, Telelanguage can help.  


Learn the power of providing superior multilingual support. [Download the Free White Paper], Connecting Humanity Through Technology: The Importance of Offering Language Services as an Organization.


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