Language Diversity in Texas (Infographic)

Language Diversity in Texas (Infographic) | Telelanguage

Language Diversity in Texas – Texas is well-known for its cultural and linguistic diversity. While more than 164 different languages are represented in Texas, it also accounts for the 2nd highest population of limited-English speakers in the country (3.6 million, 14% of the total U.S. LEP population). We have explored language diversity in the United States, and in Texas cities, like Houston. In this post, we are focusing on language diversity in the Lone Star State to help Texas organizations gain a greater understanding of language support needs.

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Texas Spotlight: Language Interpretation and Translation Needs


Language Diversity in Texas: Fast Facts


  • 8.61M of Texas citizens are speakers of a non-English language (2015)

  • 26% (7.25 million) of the Texas population are native Spanish speakers. (2015)

  • Mexico is the natal country of 2.59M Texas residents. (2015)

  • Three of the top ten most populous cities in the United States are located in Texas. (2018)

  • If Texas were a country, it would be the 40th largest in the world. (2018)

  • LEP residents accounted for more than 1/3 of the total population (ages 5 and older) in nine counties. Of these nine counties, seven were located in Texas. The counties with the highest share of Limited-English Proficient (LEP) residents included Starr County, Texas (51% LEP residents); Maverick County, Texas (46% LEP residents); Webb County, Texas (44% LEP Residents); Zapata County, Texas (42% LEP residents) According to Migration Policy Institute, “While most of these areas did not have large populations of LEP individuals in absolute terms relative to other counties, the share with limited English proficiency was significantly higher.”


Language Diversity in Texas: Top 10 Non-English Languages:


1. Spanish – 26% native speakers

2. Vietnamese –  0.72% native speakers

3. Chinese – 0.56% native speakers

4. Other Asian Languages

5. African Languages

6. Tagalog

7. Hindi

8. French

9. Urdu

10. German


Texas Foreign-born Population – Top Countries of Origin:

1. Mexico – natal country of 2.59 million Texas residents (2015)
2. India– natal country of 209,980 Texas residents (2015)
3. El Salvador – 191,377 (2015)

Citizenship in Texas:

As of 201689.3% of Texas residents were U.S. citizens (national average of 93%).

Language Diversity in the United States: Spotlight on Texas (Infographic)

Language Diversity in Texas (Inforgraphic)

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