Language Access and Healthcare Open Enrollment (Infographic)

Healthcare Open Enrollment and Language Access (Inforgraphic)

Why is language access so important to the healthcare open enrollment period? Starting November 1st, 2017, millions of Americans will apply for health insurance through healthcare marketplaces. Navigating healthcare jargon to find the right health insurance coverage can be

Language Access Checklist: Health Care Marketplace Implementation Guide

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confusing for many people. In fact, according to a survey by American Institute of CPAs, 51% of U.S. adults could not accurately identify 1 of 3 terms commonly used in health care: premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.

For Limited-English proficient populations, communication barriers make it even more difficult to choose the right health insurance plan for their needs and are more likely than native English speakers to experience problems understanding medical situations. As the United States becomes more culturally and linguistically diverse, more people prefer to communicate about medical situations and healthcare open enrollment in their native language. Over 61.6 million individuals, both foreign and U.S. born, currently speaks a language other than English at home and providing excellent language services can improve overall communication and satisfaction during 2018 open enrollment and beyond.

Language access requirements in healthcare make it imperative to provide qualified interpreters and translated materials for Limited-English individuals. Because 1 in 4 Healthcare Exchange enrollees speaks a language other than English at home, it’s key to provide the highest-quality interpretations and translations for healthcare open enrollment applicants.


Language Access Needs For Healthcare Open Enrollment

Language Access and Healthcare Open Enrollment (Infographic)

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Telelanguage has been a trusted name in healthcare language services since 1991. Over 70% of current clients are healthcare entities, and wehealthcare open enrollment and language access believe that all health care organizations should have affordable access to the best-qualified language service support.
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