Interpreter Management: All-in-One Interpreter Scheduling Software

Interpreter Management: All-in-One Interpreter Scheduling Software | Telelanguage
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The language service industry is growing at a rapid pace. Whether you are a language services agency, hospital, or international business, the number of people in need of language services is increasing. The 2015 Census Bureau Reports at least 350 Languages Spoken in U.S. Homes. With the growing need for on-site interpreter appointments, how can you provide high-quality language services, and keep up with increased interpreter requests?

As a leader in interpretation and translation services since 1991, we know that interpreter management can be a time-consuming task. That’s why we’ve created a robust interpreter management scheduling software for language service providers! 

Alt:"GIP Software for Language Service Providers"

Global Interpreter Platform (GIP): Web-Based Interpreter Scheduling Software

Telelanguage’s interpreter scheduling software, The Global Interpreter Platform (GIP), is an all-in-one interpreter management solution for language service providers to manage face-to-face interpretation requests, invoicing clients, paying interpreters and reporting. GIP was designed for interpreter service providers of all sizes and built for multiple industries.

Our entirely web-based platform helps language services providers grow by cutting down on the time and resources spent on management so you can focus on providing excellent language services. Hundreds of highly adaptable features are available with NO additional or hidden costs!


Introducing an Easier Way to Handle Interpreter Management

5 easy steps to using your all-in-one interpreter management software, the GIP:


Step 1: Getting Started

Request a free demo of our interpreter scheduling software or select the package that fits your company needs. We will email you your login ID and Password.

Step 2: Login

You complete interpreter scheduling software is ready to use for your business. Just log in using your credentials and enter your customers and interpreters or download it using Excel.

Step 3: Customize It

Customize the look and feel of the interpreter scheduling software with your company branding, logo, forms and messaging.

Step 4: Managing Language Services

Your customers can enter interpreter requests online and interpreters manage their schedules and appointments using your company ISS.

Step 5: Invoice Customers and Pay Interpreters

Easily create invoices to your customers and payment logs to your interpreters based on the complete history of each assignment, including customer signed order forms.

Get the Support You Need

24/7 technical support is available in our GIP plans. A dedicated IT staff is available around the clock to assist you. Our team of trainers, programmers, and developers all work together to provide efficient support when you need it.

Access From Anywhere!

Monitor how interpreter requests are entered and get assigned to interpreters without time-consuming and unnecessary staff involvement. Make scheduling adjustments as needed.


Interpreter management made easy! With the increased demand for on-site interpreters, having an all-inclusive software for language service providers can help your company put time and resources into the right places, allowing you to grow while you continue to provide high-quality language services.

Have questions about our all-in-one interpreter scheduling software? Contact us for more information, or to schedule a free demo!

The Global Interpreter Platform (GIP)

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