Global Language Service Provider Telelanguage Launches New Website

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Telelanguage continues to provide value in the rapidly evolving language service industry by launching a new, user-friendly website.

“Our goal with the new web site is to be a comprehensive resource for current industry information.”

Telelanguage has been providing customers with the highest quality of service since 1991 as a reliable and innovative language service provider, currently offering interpretation and translation services to over 8,000 organizations throughout the United States. A leader in interpretation technology, Telelanguage provides complete language service solutions across all industries via telephonic interpretation, video remote interpretation (VRI), and translation services.

Organizations nationwide, across all industries, experienced a greater need for remote interpreting services in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. Telelanguage responded by offering no contract required language services to ensure that organizations have the resources they need to serve limited English proficient communities with professional language interpretation and translation services.

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In order to better serve organizations of all sizes, Telelanguage launched a new website on April 30th, 2021.    

The new website is designed to be more than just a source of information. Since it was founded in 1991, Telelanguage’s priority has always been maintaining and growing its client relationships. In line with this value, the new Telelanguage website is meant to provide value for its potential, new, and longtime customers alike.

Andre Mon Belle, Telelanguage founder, knows firsthand the growth of the language service industry and the need for accessible information.

“The language service has grown and changed so much in recent decades. Not only have demographics changed, but technology has also evolved tremendously. Our goal with the new web site is to be a comprehensive resource for current industry information,” said Mon Belle. 

The new website touts a wealth of robust features including: industry-specific updates, a new user-friendly blog, in-depth industry overviews, and an online portal that allows current customers to manage accounts online. 

Since its inception, customer service has been extremely important to the Telelanguage brand. With the launch of the new website, users have the ability to chat directly with a knowledgeable customer service representative for all inquiries.   

In addition to enhanced user experience, Telelanguage also welcomes a new service feature for businesses nationwide: Zoom/Remote Meeting Interpretation. Organizations can now easily request professional interpreters on the Telelanguage website to ensure communication and understanding for remote meetings on Zoom and any other video conferencing platform.

“Our goal with the new website, and our company in general, is to be as user friendly as possible,” said Lyndon Beckner, Director of Operations. “Especially with the events of the last 12 months, we’ve not only learned a lot, but have also helped clients and fellow language service providers make remote transitions based on our lessons learned. We hope the new website will serve as a useful tool for new and experienced language service users.”

Zoom Remote Interpretation

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Telelanguage believes this new look, along with increased functionality, resources, and service offerings, will make their services even more user-friendly, and helpful for organizations in need of language access solutions.

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Telelanguage has been providing customers with the highest quality of language service since 1991. We support over 350 languages, 24x7x365 utilizing 6,000+ U.S.-based interpreters. Telelanguage currently supports over 8,000 accounts around the world – in all industries. Services include over-the-phone, on-site and video remote interpretation, as well as document translations, interpreter management and scheduling, reporting, invoicing, language assessment evaluations, and much more. Contact Us for language access solutions for your organization.

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