Getting Ahead: Interpretation Services Technology

Interpretation Services Technology

“Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable.” – Joseph Wood Krutch

Ask people how they feel about technology and you may get varied answers. While the topic of technological advancement can be a charged issue for individuals, Telelanguage believes that for the world of interpretation services, technology is a way to bring people of all cultural and language backgrounds together for greater communication, understanding and efficiency.  Advances in Interpretation Services Technology coupled with excellent customer services is a win for all industries, from medical to business, in need of language access.

Telelanguage has been an innovative leader in the language services industry for more than 25 years, providing clients with superior-trained and certified interpreters to eliminate language barriers and help them serve their LEP, deaf and hard of hearing, and non-English-speaking clients and communities. Our top priorities have always been to provide our customers with the highest-quality language services and dedicated customer service—technology only helps us to continue and improve on those priorities and build maximum value for a complete language services solution.


Interpretation Services Technology Leading the Way


Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

What is it?

VRI technology is a video telecommunication service that uses web cameras or videophones to provide sign language or spoken language interpreting services via a remote interpreter.

How does it help?

VRI has changed the way services can be provided. Bridging the gap between telephonic interpretation and on-site interpretation, VRI has become an integral part of any language service plan. Video Remote Interpreting allows for the highest quality interpretations, second only to On-site interpretation, and is a perfect solution for on-demand situations where visual contact with the interpreter is necessary or helpful in your communication.

The Telelanguage difference

Telelanguage offers state-of-the-art VRI technology. We use a robust and highly secure business class video connectivity platform that is accessible from any customer office or site. We make video easier than ever using standard laptop or desktop equipment available at the customer’s site.  We provide VRI software and user interfaces at zero cost to our customers.

VRI services can also be a cost-effective solution as Telelanguage does not charge hourly minimums or extra expenses.


Scheduling Software for Language Service Providers

What is it?

Usually a web-based tool, scheduling software is a solution designed to simplify and streamline management of interpreters and interpreting services for LSPs.

How does it help?

In 2015, there were almost 50 thousand people working in interpreting and translation services in the United States. Needless to say, interpreter management can be a time-consuming task, and an inability to keep up with interpreter requests is simply not an option. For language service providers, interpretation management software is a necessary technology. The key is customization capabilities, ease of use, and flexibility of use/scale.

The Telelanguage difference

Telelanguage makes it easy for language service providers to manage face-to-face interpretation requests with the Global Interpreter Platform (GIP), a web-based tool and all-inclusive interpretation scheduling solution.

Multi-functional, we make invoicing clients, scheduling and paying interpreters, and reporting easy from anywhere in the world. Telelanguage offers flexible GIP usage, designed for interpreter service providers of all sizes and built for multiple industries. We also provide our customers with 24/7 technical support through our dedicated team of IT professionals.


Telephonic Interpretation Technology

Telelanguage is a leading telephonic interpretation provider. Our effective, reliable, solutions, dedicated customer support, and performance improvement services have allowed us to provide our clients with the highest language services since 1991. Leading the way in cutting-edge technology, advanced features and real-time data access is the difference it takes in the fast-paced world of language services.

Advanced Features in Telephone Interpreting


  • Automated Interpreter Connect
  • Filter-based Qualification Interpreter Connect
  • Online Tracking System / Account Management
  • Performance Improvement Reviews
  • Customized Data Reports


The world of interpretation services technology moves rapidly. We understand that our customers need to solve communication barriers quickly and Telelanguage offers our clients the fastest telephonic connection times in the industry.

Technology that allows for more efficient processes and expands the ability to provide services on demand is crucial all businesses. The language services industry is changing rapidly, and less innovative (more traditional) providers of interpreter services may not be able to keep up with the growing needs of businesses to make the best use of new interpretation services technology.

Telelanguage offers robust technology to support our clients. Our individually customized rate plans and always competitive rates, combined with smart technology and dedicated customer support makes the difference for our clients and the communities they serve.

How has technology improved the way you’ve been able to support your clients and customers? Let’s us know in the comments.


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